My Spiritual Journey

Since I began my spiritual journey I have been documenting my experiences in a journal. I learned a lot about what it means to be spiritual. I finally found something that resonated with me. When I went through some jarring life experiences I would call on my faith to help pull me through.

The knowledge that we possess, which is the God within. And our minds have the power of creating our own reality, have given me a whole new perspective. I thought about my life, how it turned out and what occurred during those times good and bad. I realized most of the results I achieved was because I willed it in some way. I was steering the wheel and was not aware this was happening.

After learning about manifestation, I discovered angels who we call on for guidance and assistance. Seek inner wisdom just by looking towards your higher self for answers. Intuition is a very powerful tool and has been helpful in this journey. Ascended Masters have been trying to teach this to us humans all along. I started to feel something I have not felt and it was pure love. It was illuminating the path I was really meant to take. It showed me who I truly am and what I am capable of as a spirit.

The results of this have been satsifying. I am still in the process of relearning while regainig my faith in a higher power. Its been hard and there are times I feel this is a farce. But as I look back I can recall there is proof uplifing emotions, feelings and thoughts yield the best results. My goal is to keep moving forward, discovering and documenting as I go further. Its been powerful and joyful at the same time while I find my true purpose in life. I AM.

Below are videos I created about my spiritual journey:

My Spiritual Journey 1

My Spiritual Journey 2

My Spiritual Journey 3

My Spiritual Journey 4

My Spiritual Journey 5

My Spiritual Journey 6

My Spiritual Journey 7

My Spiritual Journey 8

My Spiritual Journey 9

My Spiritual Journey 10

My Spiritual Journey 11

My Spiritual Journey 12

My Spiritual Journey 13