Incorporating Animal Totems in Spirituality


Recently, I have been using animal spiritual totems when doing a manifestation reading. It has amplified the energies in order to improve my channeling and visualizations. The results are not only clearer, but I can get more output from these readings.

The following animal spirit totems I use are the ladybug, fox, frog, turtle, rabbit, cat, panda, butterfly, squirrel, owl, bee and raccoon. Each of these animals represent an aspect that is relational to the kind of readings that I do. In this case, manifestation. I use the spirit of the animal to provide guidance, direction and advice in helping one obtain their desires. Animals have a more powerful connection to the Universe than we do. Since these beings are not distracted by human concerns such as finances. They may have to learn to adapt due to their environment being intruded on by manmade influences. But they still follow the flow of Source.

Each animal represents an aspect that provides a needed element of information. You would use an animal who's energy resonates most closely to your own vitality. Here is a list and feature of the animals I use for my readings that involve quantum resonance:

Lady bug - stands for protection healing, good fortune and grace.

Raccoon - is bright and very resourceful. Helps you make things work even around seemingly immobile obstacles.

Fox - cunning, resilient and playful. Also adaptable, clever and full of mischief.

Turtle - known for their wisdom, patience and strength. Also symbols of good luck, long life and protection.

Frog - can be seen as cleanses of bad spirits. Have the ability to heal. Symbolize potential and renewal.

Rabbit - represents fertility, luck and creativity. Reminder that life is full of possibilities and new beginnings.

Cat - is intelligent, graceful, cunning and independent. This animal lives on its own terms.

Bee - represent new beginnings, hard work and wisdom.

Squirrel - knows about preparation and resourcefulness. This totem has a way of manifesting necessities.

Owl - symbolize inner wisdom, change, good luck, transformation, intuitive development and self-actualization. Represents the free thinker, oddball and quintessential entrepreneur.

Butterfly - interpreted as a representation of change, transformation, comfort, hope and positivity.

Panda - the animal of luck and peace. Combines gentleness and power. Teaches the importance of patience and keeping a positive mindset.

In spirituality you can choose any number of animals spirit totems to assist you in whatever goal you are trying to accomplish on your road to enlightenment. Here is a video where I do a reading that includes using this method of obtaining answers to inquiry I made. Hope this helps you on your quest to obtaining a stronger connection with Source.