Using Elements in Spirituality


When you are connecting with Source Energy, you go within to seek communication that is not audible in nature. Therefore you must quiet the mind and not rely on your ears to hear, but your heart. This is hard for most humans to do since they have learned to rely mainly on five sources of input (sound, sight, scent, taste, touch). People have much more sensing mechanisms but it is of a different nature. Using meditation, they have learned to incorporate using their third eye for vision for auras. You can feel using perception of energy. Sometimes you can smell without the presence of molecules to trigger the olfactory receptors we normally use. The same happens with taste. Why? Because we are spiritual beings and this part of us is detecting vitality from another plane. When I was religious, this was considered phantom occurrences. I now know who I really am, so it's no longer a mystery. Just a reminder of my true identity.

Sometimes I would like to amplify this inner ability. To be in silence for long periods of time can help me achieve this feat. But after dealing with the environment I was placed in, the transmission will weaken. In my quest towards understanding, I have been guided to work with elements. Consisting of the commonly known water, fire, air and earth, you can include this to tap into the Higher Power. How? Well for example water molecules are receptive to certain frequencies. You expose water to positive vibrations and it will react in forming perfectly shaped crystals. Earth also holds certain energies. So does fire and air. Because we cannot see this we are unaware of this phenomenon. Almost all around us, these elements are present. And we take this for granted. Next time before sipping water, bless it with loving words, then drink. You will notice the water taste sweeter and of a better quality. Filtered water (without the presence of Fluoride or chlorine, works best).

Also if you have an altar setup as a safe and quiet place for reflecting with the Divine Realm, consider including all or some of the elements. When you are at the altar, you leave all negative influences so you can pray while absorbing the energy of love. This conversion happens faster having the elements nearby as they can absorb some of those lower frequencies you are expelling , while working in tandem with you to convert to one of a higher more beneficial level. For example, at your altar, you can have a small cup of water, a potted plant (their photosynthetic abilities are a plus), and a lit candle. As for the air, when you do breath work, the plant and dirt can help you remove any bad presence changing it into a better form. Also the air around you will be charged positive. There are microscopic particles ever present in air (smoke and dust should serve as a constant reminder of what air can hold).

These are just suggestions on how you can use the elements in spirituality. There are many more, like taking a detox bath to remove what is not serving your wellbeing. Also in food preparation. You grow your own food (earth and water), you cook your food (fire), you breathe blessings into your meal (air). It all depends on what you find most beneficial and works well for you. By involving these elements, you are acknowledging your inner being and its link to the life you are living.