The Value of Breath Work


Living in the external world can create havoc, stress and anxiety in a person's life. It affects one mental, physical and spiritual health in a negative manner. This results in influencing one's belief that they are incapable of finding solace unless it is from an outside source (medication for health, loans for money, depressants for relaxation).

Well good news! There is a technique called breath work that can help people calm down, focus and achieve better well-being. It provides a natural boost that can improve your existence to another level (even financial) to other worldly levels.

For many centuries, people have sought ways to enhance their mind through meditative practices. It has been an applied method from diverse ancient cultures and religions to improve one's spirituality. It also has healing qualities in other ways. For example restoring wellness in the mind will trigger the same in the body. Yes mind over matter is a power we all possess but have forgotten to use due to modern conveniences. It takes some work to incorporate a free and natural source for humans.

Breathwork is a tool for inner fitness. By regulating our breathing through various techniques, we can sync with enhancement energies. These lifeblood exercises give one the capability of providing their body to bring in more oxygen. The good news is it can be incorporated anytime. You will achieve a more peaceful state. Using uncomplicated steps of breathing, relaxation and calmness will come over you. Your bloodstream will benefit from this influx of air so to breathe out the toxins. Your nerves will adjust accordingly and you will get closer to the feeling of bliss. Thoughts will not be as haphazard and jumbled so to give clarity. Congratulations for gaining control over your emotions and releasing tension all around. You have learned this gift we are all equipped with and can use it automatically when life happens.

The manipulation of breath is quite simple. Here is an example of the 4-7-8 which is targeted at promoting better sleep, calming your system and halting those swirling minds. The reactive emotions and the anxiety that comes with it will converted to the serene. To do this you inhale for four seconds. Hold the breath for seven seconds. Exhale for eight seconds. You can prepare in sitting in a comfortable position. No complicated lotus but just being upright or laying on your bed. When you breathe in its preferable through the nose (four seconds). You keep in the breath for a count of seven (or close to it). Do not strain yourself the first few times! Next you let out breath through your nose for eight seconds or as long as you can. Then repeat. You will now be in a tranquil presence of being.

You can experiment with different kinds of breathing techniques. Use the method you feel the most results from. This is suitable for everyone. You can stop when it gets too difficult. There is no contest or requirement. You do you. And you will receive many benefits all from this in more ways than one. It might be simple improvements but it will gradually build up to heightened achievements. You will feel amazing on your journey for self-healing.