Rare Hybrid Solar Eclipse Use in Spirituality


All over the internet spiritual community, many were giving manifestation suggestions for the rare hybrid solar eclipse which took place from April 19 to the 20th (assuming which timezone you are residing in). In the eastern time zone of the United States, it was supposed to have occurred 12:12 am. This solar eclipse is significant because it only occurs a few timers per century. Observers will see different versions of the eclipse. For example one observer may see a ring of fire while another will see the total occurrence. So whether you see an annular or total solar eclipse depends on location.

What does this eclipse mean in the spiritual community? This is a time of manifestation. Think of what you desire either to achieve or have. You will see numbers leading up to this eclipse as pertaining to new beginnings. I got the rare number 5050 two days ago which means upcoming change and shift in one's life. See for me, its been very hard because I am expected to live my life in accordance to someone else's needs. That person has been very demanding, oppressive, selfish and abusive. I had to do everything in my power to separate myself from their space because it was not only destroying my health but another loved one's. This situation heavily damaged our ambition, motivation and self esteem. This person does nothing but belittle people while constantly attacking their abilities. I know the Universe has been trying with this angry individual but they seem beyond reproach at this time. The feel just having the Bible close to them is all they need. I do not thrive well around toxic people and can normally distance myself from their presence. This one person is a relative who expected us to leave the comforts of our home and another loved one to basically become slaves to demands. It messed us up tremendously and still has these lasting affects. I found the only way to escape this abuse is to distance myself geographically.

Unfortunately I had to return to where they are recently. The Universe kept sending strong signs of encouragement but sometimes these attacks are pure slaughter and it leaves me and my other loved one exhausted and spiritless. I have even felt that I lost connection to Source or it has given up on me. When this happens, the Divine Realm will show me ways it still has a presence in my life. I feel gratitude for these things, but seriously once my breakthrough comes through, I am ready to take my other loved one and go back to our true home, away from this negativity. I have tried to live in a positive mindset but its epicenter and those who are around it seem heavily affected which messes with my own balance and harmony. I have to put up constant shields of protection at all times. It gets exhausting and in reality I cannot do this anymore. Life is too short to be under all this pressure and constant attack.

I grew up in a very hostile environment, at home and its surroundings. No amount of love and light can penetrate through its shell it seems. I do not know why geographically there are areas of the country (the United States) that seem to have amazing positive energies and other places that have a dark cloud of gloom (I don't mean clouds in the sky). In fact I have seen demonic-type presence form in these clouds.

When I was living in my desired location, I saw phenomenon but it was not of a sinister nature.