Achieving Spiritual Ascendancy


I am so excited to have found out that I am getting there. My Higher Self has been telling me that I am about to step into the happiest phase of my life. This strong message was something I needed to hear because I have been in such a stuck rut for several years. Also as recently as a year ago, it has been extremely stressful, tiring and depressing. So this buoyancy is about to happen after my energy coil has been compressed tightly for so long. It was taking a toll on my vitality, mental, physical and spiritual health. Several times I just about lost faith while almost having a nervous breakdown. It was horrible.

This week I have been receiving the following numbers: 1919 and 5151. The number 1919 spiritually means this is a sign to use my creative energy, focus on my goals and prepare for a new phase of life. For spiritual number 5151 I am on the verge of a major breakthrough in my life. I've had other numbers, signs and synchronicities appear that have been pushing me in the direction of growth and success. All of the things I was going through have been leading me to this point.

A tarot reading shows Phoenix is rising after going through the extreme difficulties in order to prepare for this moment. That is why I must use discernment while being observant of the good things and not linger on the bad. I am at the threshold entering this phase in my life. Right now there is huge spiritual encouragement to fly. This is so amazing.

How I internalize this experience moving forward is my reality. I am moving into great times. I just learned about dual mirroring known as transurfing (Vadim Zeland). I need to flap those wings so I can take off, Once I create that momentum, with that first push I will take off effortlessly. Moving into a beautiful successful time in my life. All these tens appear in the tarot reading. The Ten of Pentacles shows all of my dreams are happening. Everything I want comes together finally. The only compromise is to change from inertia to create the drive by pouring my energy into what I desire. Yes this is the hardest part. Then it will get easier.

My Higher Self is sharing with me to create mental endurance, muscle and power. What I once was intimidated by (starting something new and facing the unknown while I move forward) will become effortless. I have to pick it up and start it. Also my limiting beliefs and thoughts can be true if I allow it, so I need to remove those blockages out of the way and concentrate on the goal. Remember we create our reality as per dual mirroring. What is seen in front is a reflection of feelings and mindset that the Universe responds and generates. It's all what I can do and handle what I allow myself to do to get the output I want. I have to remind me not to put any limits on myself. Instead I must empower myself that I am going to do it. Positive affirmations also help as I've found myself automatically repeating them daily. As my Higher Self shares this message that I am entering the best time of my life I am encouraged to make it quicker by getting into it. The winds have been clearing away all the old energy. Guess this is why the weather where I am has been so darn windy. My wings are spread out and ready to be picked up in the air. I have just achieved spiritual ascendancy.