A Breakthrough: Opening The Eyes in Spirituality


Recently I have been trying to heal my pains and wounds. The kind of injuries that are not of a visualize nature like a scar. These internal traumas are the worst kind because it affects mind, body and spirit. The message came from my Higher Self that now is the time to heal.

I have been very afraid of what I may lose due to what I have experienced in the past. I continue to relive lack which causes me pain. I realized this is the reason I feel this way. So to avoid the unbearable disturbance to my equilibrium, I try to control my life. I hold on so tight because the thought of losing that control puts me in pain.

I am being reminded that now is the time to blossom. I do have good things going on in my life. There is this threat that triggered my repressed emotions. It created a tricky kind of energy which gave me the impression that I cannot rely on stability and happiness. So in turn, I was trying to control to avoid something. That is why I was seeing the numbers 222 everywhere. Also during a tarot reading, Seven of Swords would show up. The 222 message from the Universe was telling me to let go and release control. See the Universe has everyone's back. The Eight of Cups tarot also appeared which is about walking away from the situation. There is nothing wrong with preparing. But it comes with the fear and pain from things that happened before. So I feel afraid that something may happen.

The Three of Pentacles came up. This refers to doing what you enjoy at ease knowing that the Universe is always there for me. What I am suppose to do is set my intentions, employ planning then do my best and then let it go. There is a Higher Power so it's not completely in my hands. I heard from renown Spiritualists that we control our life. It is up to us how our life turns out. True in free will, we can make decisions. Yet there is something else directing our paths that is not seen by us.

Two of Swords appeared as well because of the situation of doubt and lack of clarity. Again I must release it to the Universe. If it was really in our hands, we would not have all that we have. So I have to just do my best and know that it will work out. So I do my best and just insert myself into the energy of pretending. It will just work. Know that there is a Higher Power, Universal Law. And tap into that energy. All advantages will be received. The understanding I have now it will make me grow. This whole time, its all about pretending, doing our best, release then have faith it will work out!

So I release into the Universe all my concerns, frustrations, anxiety, stress and self doubt. I will not go through this lack energy. Also it helps to stay in the Now. I have to be in the present because those false ideas of what may happen in the future will pop up once in a while. The Nine of Pentacles and Ten of Pentacles that showed up shows that there is extreme happiness coming my way. That I will be achieving my dreams and major goals.

This is the breakthrough I needed. Yes I've been opening my eyes in spirituality. I can now see clues and synchronicities. The Universe shows one that you are not alone. Possessing this knowledge you can detect the messages that there is something out there. As for the wounds, I see that I needed this for personal gain for my journey on the spiritual path. When you know how dearly loved you are, you know you are never left out. Let go and have faith!