The Moon's Role in Spirituality


Lately, I've been enjoying the energy from the recent conjunction of Jupiter and Venus. We've also been blessed to experience the full moon that has graced us with its light and vitality. While it gives me renewed sense of being, other people seem to react differently to the presence of celestial events. I remember first responders telling me they dreaded the full moon because that is when they were called out the most. The emergency room would fill up, especially the psychiatric care. It seemed to make people crazy. I think most humans are not prepared to handle this kind of surge of power. It's as if they can not deal with the intensity of vigor that is from a different source than what they are accustomed to.

Some of us take a daily amount of stimulants in order to function. Whether its nicotine, caffeine, sugar in large quantities, one of the main benefits we enjoy is that zap of energy we get from these chemicals. Our food source also provides us with zest. So does exercise and of course, getting plenty of sleep. Whatever is the case, we can also determine what can jolt us to stay awake. Our control towards how much input we receive from these origins of power is important as well. What happens outside of ourselves is beyond our control and that can mess with people. Especially if they feel its affects and have no way to counter them.

I use meditation and yoga a lot. I also talk myself into a state of calmness when I feel myself become unhinged. I have to sway my reaction towards a more beneficial response. Otherwise the outside influence, not me, would take charge. And that could lead to a bad outcome.

The moon in all its fullness is a sight of beauty but it does not have to dominate my being. Instead I can incorporate it in a spiritual sense. Utilize its brilliance to enhance manifestations and prayers. I go outside to absorb its light. Soaking its illumination I can connect even more with Source. The moon has had an impact on many lives in so many ways. I now choose to focus its role in my spirituality. In so, I celebrate the full moon in all its glory.