Our World Within


Anytime we look up towards the sky from Earth, we see an expansion of space. Up above our heads lies the answers to our existence. No not the smog, planes, helicopters, drones, balloons, satellites, rockets and other manmade contraptions. The clouds are one source of communication where messages are sent to those ready to receive. Sure scientifically they are just a mass of water drops or ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. They are created when water is condenses and we see the water vapor. Clouds are indicators of storms and other weather conditions based on their appearance. But they serve another purpose. To relay transmission to individuals who are connected to Source.

Humans are here for a purpose: to live our lives. We are given free will but it is limited in this reality. As we seek to answers to our existence and origin, we learn that there might be other reasons we are on this planet. Maybe we have become trapped here. Or it was a choice our souls made to experience something other than beyond our true being. I get the impression some people are here willingly and others are in captive by a system beyond our understanding. I always felt I was sent here either out of punishment or by error. I never felt this place was my home and I could never fit in. Feeling unwanted, being treated with disdain, contempt and rejection from a young age assured me of this. As I got older, I learned to keep a distance from most people unless it was a necessary interaction I could not avoid. I do not engage in small talk. I remain polite but to the point. I keep communication brief. I learned from the past further engagement led to negative outcomes. Actually I just keep to myself.

I want to develop a relationship within. It's the core of my being, who I really am. I learned more from this hidden entity that I have from religion, school and employment. That I am not a loser or failure. That this physical vessel I am attached to is not who I really am. In fact, all that exists on our planet is one with the Universe. The Quantum Theory touches on this the best human way possible. Sure it uses descriptions based on the physical properties of nature from the behavior of atoms and subatomic particles. But when we apply this topic with spirituality, it all makes sense. That everything and everyone is linked!

Right now most human beings are only concerned about what is happening within the confines of Earth. Sure we have some interest in the solar system as well. But our focus is in the third dimensional reality. It would probably hurt most of our fragile structure of our brains to know that we are co-creating in a space occupied by other beings, dimensions, realities. Once in a while these merge. And when we get a short glimpse or sense of this, our reaction is to freak out in fear. It's better to remain in our bubble of familiarity than explore past the film of enclosure.