Transmission From the Arcturians


The complications surrounding my current circumstance has led me astray from meditating everyday. It has also distracted me from communicating with those in a higher realm. I enjoyed this interaction when I was able to do this. I learned a lot of information regarding the matters of this world, Earth's situation and its role in humanity. I felt a connection with those who claimed to be the Pleaidians, Arcturians, Syrians, Andromedans and Galactic Federation. I even received thought-forms from other beings from galaxies beyond our view. I could close my eyes and see one in vision. Sometimes I would see them during the daytime but transparent. They would make themselves known one way or another. I never felt afraid.

I would like to return to that moment where I can meditate in peace and explore. But I've been under constant stress and anxiety due to a family member's situation. It has zapped my energy, spirit and mental focus. I am honestly feeling trapped by this person who is relying on me for all their needs. My emotions have ranged from bitter to sadness and I have to catch myself from falling back into the rut of a deep depression. For I ask, why is this happening? I can understand obstacles and challenges, but this is on another level. Am I and my immediate family being punished? There are others who have it way worse than us but still it seems to have gone from bad to worse in my current surroundings.

I try to see the bright side of things. At this moment they seem unattainable but I still try to place myself in that reality as opposed to my current one. It gives me hope and helps me in my manifestation goals. I need o go back to writing affirmations down. I even stopped writing in my spiritual journal. My priorities surround this one person and I have several others under my care that I have been neglecting. I try to change my resentful feelings towards more loving vibrations. See we attract what we send out. If I uplift my frequency I will receive those same energies. The sad thing is that there is so much negativity in the environment. I seek relief walking in the park but lately I have not had much time to do that.

So what I have done is during the day when I am busy I stop to take a break. I close my eyes and center myself on breathing. It helps calm me and I can free myself of thoughts. Doing this in small increments of the day has given me the peacefulness I need to recharge and ground myself. Best of all I start to hear with my mind those voices from all over. The angelic realm, the Arcturians (they are constantly reminding me to activate the chakras), and Source. The Arcturians especially have been sending lots of transmissions lately. If anything new comes through the pipeline, I will be sure to share this information.