Spiritual Inspiration from Above


I can see it! It's this invisible presence that surrounds us. We are encapsulated by it. Most of the time we are not aware of it. This entity is always present. It sometimes makes an appearance so we can see it with our naked eyes, though there are some who still cannot detect it. I can see its overlay over my environment. It's like this transparent scene that is not visual through the optics. My third eye can pick it up. It's colors, it's shapes and curves. Most of the time it is very faint. Other times it comes through vividly. The more I meditate, the more I absorb the feeling of love, the longer this vision lingers.

Another ability I seem to have acquired is knowing when to look up to the sky. If I am constantly looking, anticipating a sighting of sorts, I find nothing out of the ordinary. But it's when I am not consciously aware and something draws my attention upward. It's a feeling of knowing that there is a communication of an ethereal kind happening. I grab my phone to take a quick video or snapshot of this event. Sadly if I am in the presence of others, I am the only one who seems to see this. I can capture it digitally so it does exits and I am not losing my mind. But when I try to point out this observation to others, I am looked at like the oddball. I have even been called crazy. They cannot see what is being displayed. Instead I am told, oh that's just a bunch of clouds or even worse there is nothing to see. Strangely the one's who seem the most blind to this are those who are extremely religious in a certain predominant denomination.

I am not trying to sound egotistic. After all I am reminded by those of that particular religion that I am a sinner that practices anti-Christ beliefs. I am not worthy of his love so I am suffering from delusions and hallucinations. If I hear a voice, that must be a demonic presence. I ask them to prove this and the response is that there is a book written that says so. I can no longer indulge in these discussions. I don't attack their faith but just pointing out that there are faces in the sky or a portal of sorts opening up and the response is abysmal.

So other than writing about it or making videos, I keep this to myself. I feel a deep connection with Source, the Divine Realm, Higher Power, the Universe. When I speak of its presence I use these terms interchangeably. But I feel the union with this energy as I continue to retrieve spiritual inspiration from above.