Steer the Collective into the Light


Lately the energies all around have been so unpredictable. There is a heavy dense feeling that can be felt which is affecting so many. I hear of despair, hopelessness, depression, sadness. True this is the time of the year where major holidays are celebrated. But there is no feeling of joy or excitement.

Global and local news has not been the most uplifting. I tend to not get engulfed in the media which invokes all kinds of emotions usually of a lower vibration. There are people who are following all these events, and they are so upset and frustrated. I cannot allow myself to become a part of the system. Though I exist in it, I have to put my attention and focus towards something that I can find beneficial not only for myself but for others as well. This turmoil calls for healing of a different kind. No salve or pill can ease the discomfort the collective is going through. It must come from another source.

Spiritual calling has been getting louder for the masses. No matter what you believe or disbelieve, you are going to need elevation that will restore a balance and harmony in the human environment. When you see if affecting young people, you know there is something wrong with the atmosphere.

No it's not just pollution and seasonal changes. There is an energy fix that needs to be applied in this simulation. Whatever OS (operating system) is running at this time needs a fine tuning. Or maybe a purging of a virus. To do this, we as a collective will need to do the following steps:

  1. We must take some time out of our day to meditate. It can be as long as you make it. Just close your eyes, breath, hold, exhale while you allow your mind to calm down.

  2. Practice gratitude. Even if you do not believe in a higher power, make it habit to notice and appreciate whatever you have. It does not have to be material wealth. Be thankful you can walk, see, hear, function.

  3. No matter your circumstances, take some time to send healing energies or prayer to others in dire need. If you see someone who is going through a terrible time, even if you do not know that individual, send out whatever love you can muster their way. You do not have to say anything. Just dig in deep, find some source of empathy and direct it towards that person(s). If you cannot give or help in some way due to your own predicament, share some of your light over to another who is dwelling in darkness.

``` Just applying these three steps above will make all the difference. It will change the current route and hopefully merge the collective into a parallel universe of more favorable conditions. Together we can heal and nourish each other through these trying times.