Spiritual Day of Celebration


Spirituality has taught me more about love than any song, romance novel or movie. I was always under the impression that love was an emotion based on pure infatuation. When someone told me they were in love with another person, it was always under the guise of false pretense. It was based off superficiality, aesthetics, monetary purposes, convenience, obsession, societal pressure or fear of being alone. I had seen the damage these relationships did to the participants involved. I myself experienced trauma whether directly or indirectly from these one-dimensional unions. I actually believed there was no such thing as love.

Then as I started my spiritual journey, I found true love. I was going through a lot of anxiety, depression, sadness, heavy negative emotions that were weighing me down. I decided to do a mindful meditation. During the meditation I experienced immense relief from the damage I was experiencing. It was so intense, I actually passed out after meditation. When I woke up, I was engulfed in real love.

At the time, I did not know what was going on. But I was enjoying this wonderful sensation of amazing feelings. I wish it could have lasted forever, but life happens and it eventually went away. It did linger long, even after some horrible events unfolded after my blissful meditation.This love was powerful enough to purge the hurt out. It healed me in a way therapy (or a chocolate cake) never could. I did not know how to properly protect my being. So sure enough, negativity came my way at full blast, chipping away at those layers of love. Knowing now that there are parasites that like to attach themselves to others whose light shines bright, I know better how to protect my energy.

It also allowed me, for the first time in my life, to be in love with myself. I have never experienced love from another human being. Mainly condemnation, hate, anger, cruelty, mistreatment and ostracism. I did have loving interactions with my pets. That is the closest Earthly comparison I can come up with this all powerful love. The Universe has touched me with its presence. I felt it more than once, usually during or after meditation. Sometimes, I can just walk in nature and feel it coming from the ground, trees, brooks and wildlife. I have seen birds demonstrate love, as well as cats, dogs, etc... No judgement and they are happy to share their love with others through their own individual expression. I learned a lot from them. The synchronicity they exhibit is their connection with the Divine Realm.

My opinion on love maybe ego driven since this is my interpretation. I know there are couples who exist that truly feel love for each other. I don't know of them personally, but I have encountered briefly or out in public, people who share a commonality that will last throughout their time together. They are the lucky ones who have found each other. You can also see in their interaction with each other that they have love within themselves. And that seems to be the key. They found this source inside, connected with it and found another individual with this trait. Their relationship lasts, even through all the hurtles and mishaps. They appear playful when they communicate. They trust each other. It is lovely and amazing. Not everyone is going to find this type of soul partnership. That is why it is important to develop a link with Source. The Higher Power becomes that missing part of your life. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Or should I say Have a Happy Spiritual Day of Celebration! Love and light.