Activate the Chakras


I was walking in the park, trying to ground myself and connect to my inner being. It has already been a stressful year. The anxiety was building up and it was affecting my health. I had a few days of peace and bliss, but then I had to return back to a dreadful situation. I needed time to rest and recuperate.

So during my stroll I got a message to activate the chakras. I questioned how to do this. The answer was to imagine each energy point in your body coming alive in a pulsating brightness. Since our energy centers are in a straight line from the top of our head down to our groin area, I visualized sending a pulse of frequency up and down the energy points. Every time it hit, it would increase its intensity. Next I would see a bright light starting to emanate from my being. I had to continue this throughout the day, even when I was preoccupied while focusing my attention elsewhere. Constantly picturing this scenario of chakra activation can be a bit draining. (Like in the picture below, imagine making each stone glow or light up in sequence).

With practice, I can do this constantly. Already I noticed external changes. It's as if I entered into a type of flow, where everything goes smoothly. Traffic lights turn green one after another. I could pull out of a normally busy intersection with ease, as if traffic stopped for me on both sides of the road (where there are no traffic lights). Birds do not seem to notice me unless I make a loud noise.

I also perceive things differently. A park I visit looks strange to me. Its pathway seems smaller. I remember it being wider. The grass around it a very vibrant green even though it is winter. I recalled the ground being dismal and gray. Even the sun has changed its appearance. Instead of a steady light, it has become a pulsating tempo. Since chakra activation involves envisioning your energy points lighting up, I was wondering if I was forming some kind of connection with the sun. I am not sure if this is what's happening, but I found it odd to see the sun flickering in an odd pattern. Next time I will record it.

I will continue to practice the activation of the chakras. I don't know where it will lead me. I realized one thing, I am constantly in the present moment. The now is the place to be for spiritual fulfillment. It grounds you, placing your being into alignment. That is what I want, to be aligned with Source. I will see if this method can influence my manifestations as well.

Spirituality is all about learning. Just by embarking on its lessons, I have discovered new techniques for meditation, healing and attaining wisdom. I will write more on this blog if anything new comes up.

Update: I just realized all these numbers I constantly see all day (1111, 444, 123, etc...) are directions from Source to light up the corresponding chakra number. So for example you have 111, that would be the crown chakra (Sahasrara). So when I see that number, I have to pulsate that chakra three times!