Extracting Energies From the Ether


As I go about in the public, I hear people commenting all over about the high cost of food and everything else. It's been tough on a lot of individuals who's income does not allow them to afford necessities, never mind luxuries. One's livelihood is affected and the moods shift towards negative emotions of sadness, hopelessness, gloom, depression, irritability, hostility and anger. We tend to take our frustrations out on each other rather than on the one's who caused this situation. Powerless is what we feel we have become.

If people only knew about the Source, the center of strength we all have within. It has been ingrained in the collective to seek an outside presence to obtain this function. As light beings, our bulb has not been allowed to burn its brightest. Deception and lies dominant the mindset of most. The truth has been hidden, suppressed and destroyed by the unseen in power. To remove ourselves from its hold, we must work on securing a different way of thinking. You are capable of so much more than what you have been led to believe: a hollow weak shell of a human being. You possess the force of the Universe. Now you must learn how to connect with it.

It is hard to circumvent through the trials of life all while remaining conscious of this fact. We have given up so much of ourselves for a false existence. Learning to succumb to a scam that's been ingrained in us so deep has turned us away from the origin of who we truly are. Humans are more than flesh, blood and bones. And the environment we are born in is the one we deal with firsthand. Yet another layer of reality remains unnoticed. We can sometimes perceive it with our bodily senses. That background ringing you sometimes hear, without a source to pin it on, is from that layer. Or you might catch a glimpse of something, transparent and white, that disappears fast. Our cameras can pick up images we may interpret as ghosts from this layer that looks a whitish unrecognizable form.

I do not know the true name or level of this dimension, so I will call it the ether. It contains untapped energies we can extract from. The goal is to seek it out and become one with it.

How does one do this? Don't ignore that ringing sound. Actually listen to it. Concentrate on the ringing till you amplify the volume. Its best to do this in a quiet environment. Relax yourself in a sitting or standing position. You can close your eyes like in meditation and concentrate on your breathing. Then move your eyes upward as best as you can. You will feel a pressure building up in your forehead. Keep doing this throughout the day. You are stimulating your third eye, the Ajna chakra. This is to activate the next chakra upwards, the Crown or Sahasrara. The crown chakra is of knowledge and is required to determine how to find and channel the energy from the ether.

You will know when your third eye (Ajna) is stimulated when you detect movement in your vision. It will seem fleeting and quick. You might have a hard time seeing this with your eyes open. Close them and you can see the movement much better. Then open your eyes to see a faint glimpse of this phenomena. This is the presence of force from the ether.

Next you will need to move up towards the crown. To do this. Keep applying pressure to the Ajna chakra. You will feel a tingle develop around your scalp. Just to let you know, the sensation can be itching, as if insects are moving around up there. If you do not suffer from skin conditions that would cause this, most likely it is your crown chakra vibrating. I feel this after I activate my third eye. When it is fully activated, its like a light patting of fingertips massaging your scalp. Since it's delicate, it can easily be dismissed as goosebumps. It does not hurt like skin irritation or a headache. It's almost the equivalent of having hair teased. Its frequency will speed up due to the vibration of energy around your head. This is when realizations start to occur out of nowhere. Its amazing way to tap into this realm. Some people might call it the Akashic records. A lot of wisdom can be extracted from here.

Gaining access to this unseen life form also provides you with renewed vigor. The knowing comes through clear all at the same time. It will be unlike anything you experienced in the third dimension. You are understanding the inner workings of the Universe. Even if you have no knowledge of quantum physics, you will get it. This routine of activation takes a lot of work, practice and patience. It might not happen the first few times. And you have to expect it happen without feeling any doubt. When it finally occurs, you can grasp how to extract energies from the ether plane. This can be applied to enhance physic abilities as well as your spiritual being. It's amazing what kind of capabilities the human race possess.