Living in a Simulated Video Game


Human beings go through the good and bad of life. You wonder for what purpose. Some individuals deal with hardship while others have nothing but positive outcomes? Who deserves prosperity or lack? Why does this happen? It's very telling how this life works. We think we have it figured out. Then in the middle of all the wonderful experiences, an unexpected detriment happens. Somethings are foreshadowing while others are sudden with no warnings to prepare for this infliction. Like what gives?

Paradise is feeling emotions of joy, bliss, happiness and contentment in unlimited amounts without dealing with disturbances. This pure feeling is hard to maintain on this planet. Material things, luxuries provide some form of enjoyment that can come at a high price or a constant expense. Stimulants that provide a temporary high or relief for the moment can turn into addictions. Instead of a source of easement it has become a burden. Positivity is actually free, abundant and comes from you, the source within. It is not unattainable or hard to reach. Just acquires a knowing that one has contact with a loving presence at all times. Difficult to believe when you feel abandoned and alone in your struggles as most have.

Truthfully I have become frustrated in my spiritual journey. It's hard to sustain this wisdom continuously when so many obstacles and hardships keep showing up. I have been dealing with a family member that's in an abysmal state. The only time I feel some calmness is when I remove myself from their physical presence. Even at a distance this individual can inflict a drain my way. Almost like an energy vampire. I have to constantly put up energy shields. Very exhausting ordeal that has affected my physical, mental and spiritual health. The sad thing, this person was once a comfortable, loving, safe presence who could fill a room with their light. Something changed. At rare times I can still see a trace of white aura around them. I am obligated as the only functioning member of our diminished family unit to help them. I've gotten blamed for their predicament. Put under judgement, criticism and scorn from others who see me at fault for not doing enough. The damage was done without my involvement. I don't know what caused it. I feel hurt and defeated no matter what solution I turn to. It's as if a wall is erected in front of any opportunity I come by in order to help my family member.

This brought me to the realization I knew as a child. That we live in a type of stimulation. Life was not by chance or luck. Sure free allows us to make a choice. But why are certain choices thrown our way? As a child, I would question adults about this. They always seemed upset at my question and would snap "Its God. Who else?". I could not help to think to myself 'Or what else' in reply to their irritated response.

According to the faith I was raised in, God is an ever-loving presence who only wants the best from its creation. You must adhere to rules set forth in the Bible like the Ten Commandments, live like Jesus and never sin. Just trying to breathe on this planet in itself is a sin. In comes the harmless air, out comes your toxins. Hey you just released a virus from your respiratory system that has infected and killed others. Great, you just committed a sin.

There is something else going on. Like there is another system running on our planet. We are always attached to the original power. Yet this unseen operation reminds me of an energy vampire that feeds on emotions, frequencies, vibrations. I discovered while in stillness, quieting the mind, this state of neutrality cuts off the transmission. The new connection allows me to communicate with the Creator. On this line, I have tapped into the source of love. Contact with the Higher Power in pure form is the most amazing feeling.

Omitting the intrusion from this unknown influence, allows one access beyond limitations. Like a video game, the operator maneuvers the character in a controlled simulated environment. The rules of the game are the standards that are set. There is no way for the character to achieve certain goals if it's not conformed to the design of code. The character can only perform certain actions or change its level (or status). But it still remains in an environment of restrictions.

Us humans must learn to adapt to different circumstances that come up within our dimension. Yet if we needed to do something outside of the scope of this dimension, it would seem impossible. Or what we've been led to believe. Breaking free from the confines of the third dimension, whether through astral projection, remote viewing, heck even day dreaming, gives you unparalleled freedom. There are techniques to learn to activate your chakras in order to bind your body with this newfound ability that has laid dormant within. Meditation is one. Mirror work is another. Dream hypnosis is the fastest way I found to achieve this. All you need to do is record your voice saying what you are trying to accomplish. Then play it over in a loop while you sleep. Even changing your diet (not fasting) but omitting sugar and preservatives can have a similar affect. Definitely remove contact with fluoride. Brush, rinse your teeth with coconut water from a young Thai coconut and salt. Bathe using collected rain water. Soon you will become the designer, developer and operator of your very own video game.