New Years Resolution for 2023


Yes! Here we go again. Now is the time of year to be planning and starting your New Years resolution for 2023. What do you plan to do different next year? Is there something you would like to accomplish? A goal, purpose or committment for the future? I am in the minority because I don't have this in mind. There is no declaration to attach myself towards. I already set my achievement which is being myself within.

For me, it's always been hard to connect with the mind collective. I have always felt detached from the human race. I never felt like I belonged. Lately I have felt more out of touch from other people. It use to bother me along with those comments made by everyone I ever encountered in my life "What is wrong with you?". Now I can no longer bond with anyone. Yet here I am. I use to ask myself "Why am I here?".

Not belonging to a majority mindset has caused me to be an outcast most of my life. Not fitting in with majority was painful. The only time I felt comfort was with animals or in nature. At the time, I did not understand why I was even born. My toxic childhood was filled with hateful treatment. I had a hard time making friends. I was told it was because I looked different, even ugly. I was called weird. Some even complained about how I spoke. Due to my loneliness I immersed myself in books so my vocabulary was vast. Even as a reader, I was mocked, ridiculed and downright despised. I had no one to turn to. Church, a place were you would expect solace, instead consisted of cruel people. It was horrible. I was not happy. Ever.

As an adult, I wish I could say it has improved. Instead I discovered I needed to distance myself further from other people. Over the years, my family has decreased due to death. Any living relatives I lost contact with. Those who I considered friends would abandon me due to a preference for superficial kinship (that usually ended badly). Being loyal to family and friends, only to be stabbed in the back, gave me the encouragement to keep to myself. I decided that I was going to be my own priority. I had to learn to love myself. No one else was going to. I needed to forgive myself for past mistakes. Learn new lessons to apply this knowledge in my life. Move on forwards. Never backwards. This is my life and I had to live it on my own terms. Eating healthy and exercise are my lifestyle. Learning new things to keep my brain active (I have the genetic propensity for Alzheimers). This was never any kind of New Year resolution. This is my own resolution that I have adopted sometime ago. Since I do my own thing anyway, if others don't care for it, so be it. I do me.

Spirituality propelled me in the direction I needed to find myself. No longer do I seek solace and understanding from others. Veneration has already been established on my own. Listening and following the wisdom has improved my existence on Earth. Being social and having a large unit of people around one, is seen as a sign of success. As for me, it no longer is a requirement. I am my own best friend.

I just want to add for those who are alone and miserable, the best advice I can give is to go within. Meditate. Seek the answers to your questions. This counsel might seem unhelpful because we are inclined to turn our attention to what exists only in the third dimension. Some of us are unable to hear that voice, that calling. We are so accustomed to this reality, we have lost our awareness to other realms. Monks usually fast, pray and meditate in seclusion to reach that state of enlightenment. In our modern society, this might seem difficult to do. All you need is some free time, a few minutes of your day, to sit somewhere undisturbed where you can relax, close your eyes, and quiet the mind. Walking in nature, at a park, in the zoo (when it is not too busy) is another way to get in touch within.Via our computers or cellphones, the internet provides free videos on guided meditation and spiritual information. If you have the time and extra money, you can attend yoga classes. Or do yoga at home (I stream these courses from my Roku). There are free books in pdf form (or via a E-Reader) you can read on the subject of spirituality. The public library offers all this information for free if money is tight (a reality for most). Learn techniques to apply a spiritual approach to connect to true wisdom. And create a resolution of your own. To seek happiness from within.