Where Spirituality Fits into Holidays


As most Earthlings are gearing up to celebrate their own holiday this month, all kinds of energies are in motion. This is an important time of the year for most. And there is an adjustment to the many moods coming forth from the human population. Excitement, anticipation, happiness, joy, delight are the emotions one would normally associate towards commemoration. Instead, as an empath, I sense anger, hostility, bitterness, regret, disappointment, sadness, depression and jealousy. Something is amiss here. The jubilation that once was present this time of year has diminished more and more.

As a human being, the cause has mainly been money issues. Prices have increased greatly. Incomes and salaries, unfortunately have not. The wealth gap is ever present, but more so during this time of year. Most holidays have put pressure on the human collective to purchase, spend and provide in ways that are above their means.

Finances are not the only struggle. Time constraints have added to the stress of the holidays. Anxiety caused from outside influences adds to the hardships most may be facing this month. A detriment to the livelihood of some individuals.

Loneliness is another cause for feeling down this time of year. Many are alone and are faced with this reality even more. It is important that people have a connection to another Earthling. People have become more distant. Family is not always close. Friendships seem more fleeting. This increased solitude for some individuals has been difficult. Health issues are another factor contributing towards less enthusiasm this time of year.

I will be honest to say I desire for time to accelerate past the holidays. Being so sensitive, I dread the lower vibrations emitting all around me. Temporarily I am in a heavily populated area of the country. It's easier to get through this time in more remote areas. Relief comes when I am away from most of the human population. I can thrive in a desert, the middle of the forest or on top of a snow covered mountain. Only nature's energy is prevalent and I can rest in my own without bombardment from multiple frequencies. Surrounded by lots of people, I feel so exhausted by the end of the day. In fact, it has taken a toll on my health.

I tried diet, yoga, meditation which has helped. And most of all, my relationship with myself has bloomed tremendously by becoming spiritual. I speak to the Higher Power all the time. I converse with the angelic realm. I can find comfort from these nonhuman forms. And they have shown me more love than I have ever received from any person. This has taught me to become my own best friend. To claim my own power. To love myself. The closest kind of love I can think of was from my pets. But the love from the Universe is million times greater. Its presence is reassuring and healing.

I have felt the touch from an angel. I was on the phone arguing with a friend over worship, religion and faith. He preaches his diatribe with a loud voice. As I was trying to get a word in, I felt this amazing firm yet gentle touch on my right arm. Like from a cloud. I could not see anything but I knew it was my guardian angel giving me support. I have also seen an angel wing and halo in the clouds during a difficult time.

As for the holidays, I do not observe them at all. I will try my best to pray. I do this in my own way through manifestation. I visualize that the human collective finds peace and contentment in whatever is best for them individually. As a human, I get caught up in trying to block the lower energies. So I forget my job as a lightworker which is to help others out. No one should be miserable on this abundant thriving planet. This is where spirituality fits in during the holidays.

Meanwhile, may you receive love and blessing in droves.