My Simple Spiritual Goal


As I learn and travel on my spiritual journey, it seems the goal is to have that spiritual awakening while finding enlightenment so to experience joy, bliss, happiness which will lead to true love. The love of Source.

Oh my! That is a lot to conquer along the path of discovering one's true purpose of existence. So how in this realm, on this planet, in this third dimensional reality that is really an illusion do we find this hidden gem?

The Universe is present all around us. The signs are there even if we choose to ignore them. The most easiest way to see its existence is to look towards nature itself. The plants, trees, wildlife, even insects are all creations that have not been tainted by man. Sure they must learn to adapt around human beings, but they still do their thing. They run on an internal system that is in sync with Source. We call it instinct. In our arrogance, we even say they are unintelligent, dumb, annoying, nuisance. Mankind sees itself as so superior over these other lifeforms because we have and can control, conquer, create (and quite frankly exploit) everything and anything on this planet. We have manmade means to accomplish anything we want. And we move forward with our goal of doing so. In the process we remove ourselves from our true purpose on this planet. To learn, experience and develop a relationship with the Divine.

I was told most of my life that the only way was through religion. I just could not find this source that they were always raving about. First, it did not seem genuine, but a made-up conception of love. In fact, it did not make sense to me. And if you were to question it, the responses one would receive were almost to the point of hostility, anger, condemnation. I was even personally insulted. It was perplexing because this was their idea of having a loving relationship based on faith.

When I started on spirituality, I got a lot of lectures from these like-minded individuals, usually spoken with fervor and threats. I must think and believe one way or I will face the consequences after I die. Well then, prove it I'd say. I mean, if you are going to make such adamant claims, back it up with evidence. This reply was the Book is the word of truth. In the Book, it discusses what is happening in the world right now. Umm you do know that we are not the only civilization that existed on this planet, right? There is proof of prior cultures before our own. Well the response to that goes along the lines of those cultures being 'primitive'. It was written as a warning for more 'advanced' generations. What hubris!

First coming from a soul that is experiencing life in a human body that is composed of Native Indigenous DNA, I never could adapt to this concept of superiority over everything on this planet. I always knew in my heart existence is one with other humans, insects, plants, trees, birds. We are one with elements such as water, earth, fire, air. Everything on this planet shares a common connection of sorts. For example mosquitos who can be annoying especially after they feed on your blood. But they have a lifespan on Earth as well as must do what they can to survive (to our detriment). Shoot, we as humans have done worse and it was not even for survival. Careless and uncaring creature who have ruined or destroyed the environment, other lifeforms including fellow human beings. Yeah we are one to talk about what should be the correct way to exist on Gaia.

What I want in life to be one of finding a strong connection with the Divine realm. I aim towards feeling that pure love. To bask in it. Soak it up. This love is healing. For me, this is home. An energy is so uplifting, refreshing and beautiful not only visually but in all forms of sensation. And I want other human beings to know this. The simple spiritual goal of an encounter with Source.