Spirituality Shows Us The Rainbow Amongst the Clouds


When one is practicing spirituality, one is strengthening a conviction in something you cannot see. You base your connection to the Higher Power on faith. It is this notion of seeing what you are believing a common practice. You develop a strong feeling that can only be described as true love.

The Universe communicates with us in symbols, numerology and signs. When one is aware of the presence of the divine realm, you become in tune with these occurrences. You know what to look out for. You understand why this is happening. At first it can be jarring, even creepy how this system of existence on planet Earth works. Again because in our third dimensional reality, we are not always in tune with a higher energy. So many distractions that can easily take your attention away from your spiritual side. That is why it is so important to hone a routine to keep that attachment durable while living in a world of chaos and deception.

Meditation is so highly spoken of as the method of keeping in touch with the presence of the Divine realm. Even if you only can do this fifteen minutes of the day, you will develop an alert system that activates anytime there is a transmission being sent. The angelic realm communicates with us by leaving feathers, a high pitched noise or a soft touch. You will receive downloads at various times of the day that gives you that 'lightbulb' moment. That is when you find yourself thinking of something 'out of the blue'. Your realization of this thought is surprising because you have a problem that seemed unsolvable and out of nowhere you received an idea. Another scenario more than likely you were not focusing on the subject matter at all. See you have this constant bond with the Universe that will remain unbreakable for your entirety on Earth.

So this is the goal of spirituality. To hone your relationship with Source so that you can learn and experience new things from an amazing place of origin - your true home. We all come from this center of creation and we all carry its light within us. That is why when we are feeling lost, alone, depressed, sad and troubled on this planet, we can always seek the love from the Divine, the rainbow amongst the clouds.