Know Thy Signs - The Universe Communicates


Whether we are aware of it or not, the Universe is constantly communicating with us. Whether it is by signs or events, the Universe is letting us know what it wants us to become attuned with in our lives. You have to pickup on the symbols and indications of what the Universe is trying to convey to us stubborn Earthlings.

This morning I got up and started watching a video on the Mirroring Principle (The Mirroring Principle | If You Don't Change This, Reality Will Never Change). I have forgotten to apply this method in my life. Distractions and other nuances have gotten in the way, and I have lost myself so to speak. I need to remember that what I put out is what is reflected back. I will start implementing these changes in my life. In this post, I'll be sharing how I built this using Python and AWS free tier.

Anyway, when I was watching and writing down the suggestions, I seen the number 808 show up on my clock. 808 is the angel number associated with prosperity and abundance. I have been struggling in this area as I tend to be directed away from true manifestation based on my emotions. Yes when manifesting, applying feelings is important to make it form. But there is much more towards it.

As human beings, it seems significant parts of our mechanism have been shut down. That is why manifesting is so laborious rather than an automatic skill. Well the positive manifestations take more practice to develop into your reality. We get caught up in the negatives which brings out strong emotions. The key is to stay focused in the present. To be grateful for what you have and to use this to be the fuel to boost you towards desired results.

True not everything in your life is entirely your responsibility. This belief that you are responsible for every experience in your life has led many people into toxic shame of blaming themselves for things clearly out of their control. This is a toxic belief held in the New Age community. There are circumstances beyond your control (weather, war, global issues, gatekeepers) but we must learn to develop tunnel vision and concentrate only on what you want.

So here is one step towards mirroring your dream world. First stop the practice of expressing "I hate my <fill-in-the-blank>. If you do this you will get more of the same. The Universe is not noticing your hatred, its looking at the content you are expressing your hatred towards. The more you complain, the more you get out of this in your life. Focus on what you want and what you already have (progress, money no matter the amount or how little, basic needs met).

Next you must take an identity of who you want to be. Form this image in the present moment. The mirror will start to reflect it. Look at the reflection so it will remain and stick into place. Yes your worldview and identity must change. Become that co-creator. So basically, start with an image you would like to form. To shape tomorrow, consciously choose today.

Adapt the following into your life "Hey this is what I want and this is what I have". The mirror will start reflecting it in small amounts little by little. Also instead of observing, we confirm. See the reflection and say "Oh, that's working. Look what happened".

So here are the important steps:




Need additional material to work with to change the reality you perceive? Use the following affirmations:

I am worthy.

I am a magnet for abundance because I carry within me the magic touch of an alchemist.

The world conspires in my favor, everything happens at the right time and according to the divine plan.

Remember to remain faithful to the identity and worldview you created. The Universe will bless you with this presentation in the now.