Seeking the Light in Spirituality


These days have seemed bleak and uncertain. I try to manifest positive energies in Universal prayer to the Higher Power. In order to do this, I must invoke my prayer in the following manner: emotion, gratitude, intention and love. Truthfully, there is no correct order to do the prayer. I use to put gratitude first, then intention followed by emotion. As for love, this can be a hard one! See it must come from deep inside. This kind of love is the hardest to acquire.

The first time I ever felt internal love was after I did a meditation. I was stressed, depressed, sad, angry, bitter, tired, just overall feeling lousy about myself and others. I sat in the backseat of a car that was parked in a deserted lot surrounded by trees. On my smartphone, I listened to a guided meditation. It was amazing because I was able to quiet my mind almost completely to the point that I actually passed out. I woke up feeling refreshed, renewed, happy and full of the raw emotion of love. It came from deep within and I can feel it exuding outwards. I remember going to the store afterwards and walking around. Everyone I encountered seemed affected by this love. People I did not know smiled at me. And I smiled back. I was happy to share this emotion with strangers. It was a wonderful experience I will never forget.

And it was the first time I ever felt true love. This love came from the Source - pure, untainted, unlimited energy of bliss, joy and happiness. Whenever I wanted to encounter that feeling again, I can go into meditation. The deeper the meditation, the stronger my connection to this love source. It was like a light shining through the darkness of this world.

The light of love I call it. I can see a sharpness in my vision as well. The myopic sight from a human perspective turns into a piercing perception that goes through the illusion we call reality. You can see the light source in others, no matter how small or dim. It does not matter who this person is. It exists in everyone. When others encounter the love you exude, their light source starts to react. It grows bigger and brighter. The person you come across responds with love right back at you. It was so amazing for me because I have lost all hope for the human race. This experience showed me the light within. Spirituality is a way for us to strengthen our connection to Source. To enhance our light and spread it towards others. Share the love. That is why I must stay true to seeking the light in spirituality.