Reaching Spiritual Utopia


When I meditate, I want to strengthen my connection to Source. Lately, I have been feeling unmotivated and tired. I have to close my eyes, breath in tempo till I reach relaxation while I cast my thoughts aside. This helps me to stay focused on my task while being in the presence of loving energies. I gain momentum to move myself forward, towards my main goal in life: achieving enlightenment.

I have to remind myself to be in the "Now". To not take things too seriously. Become detached so I can see things from a different view. This is serious training as I am surrounded by a people who are constantly stressed and full of anxiety. They cast judgement my way because I refuse to fixate on the distractions of this world. I ask them what for? What is the point of being preoccupied with matters out of your control?

For example I know someone who has all kinds of financial blessings, yet obsesses over money. Bills that need to be paid, future bills that are coming in, higher prices. This individual cannot find happiness in anything. I try to remind this person to practice gratitude. Thank the Higher Power, Yahweh, for making sure all of your needs have been met in addition to luxuries. The response I get is an exasperated "I already know this", while they continue to act miserable. This person insists in staying in a negative mindset. Nothing seems to jolt them out of it.

I tried discussing with this person what I learned from my spiritual journey. They are convinced that religion is the only answer to life. I watch the sermons on television with them and even though I get nothing from it other than asking for donations, I still try to engage with them in a discussion based on the message presented. Their interpretation of the message is that the world is going downhill. Nothing or no one except their Savior who will arrive, can prevent the decline.

In my faith, I believe we have an inner connection with Source. Instead of waiting for the Higher Power to show up, we get our glory from within. Plus there is the constant help and direction from the angelic realm. Some people speak of spirit guides and ancestors. I do not know who my spirit guides are. As for the ancestors, I have not yet resorted to their assistance. I rely on intuition and so far that has been adequate for my needs. I am satisfied with the results. I wish I had known about spirituality because I feel more in tune with this way of life. Religion never really helped me. The constant worry of the dogma of sin and the judgmental followers have made me feel inadequate. Now I have something I can resonate with that I call my own. And I feel good about it.

Because of my faith I do not see the world heading into a decline like religion stresses on. Instead life here is actually improving. I observe nature and see animals, insects and plants in harmony with the Higher Power. That only reassures me all is well. Humans are the only ones that seem out-of-step. Well okay, the majority. There is a subset of Earthlings who are in sync with the Universe. Young people, preteens, teenagers seem to get it. So do the elderly. There are some in-between the youngsters and seniors who are receptive to this frequency as well. For example, they have found contentment in the simple things of life. They approach their problems from a different perspective. Stress and anxiety do not seem to plague them. In fact they seem indifferent to the external influences.

For instance, one of the biggest concerns today is rising prices of necessities. It has been caused by the powers that be, obvious greed and selfishness. Still this has led to many content creators discovering clever ways to be frugal survivalists. They blog and record themselves living this lifestyle, all while teaching others how to adjust their living experience. I learned a lot from them. Another trend that emerged is minimalism. What's the point of having so much stuff if you cannot find happiness from it? People have learned to live with less while loving this simplicity.

This influx of positivity has allowed a new movement to form called individuality. These individuals learned not to conform to expectations that are not aligned to their own. They have created and formed their type of music, culture, beauty standards, lifestyle and faith without needing external validation. Opposition from the towards this goal of alignment within oneself has fallen to the wayside. Instead the criticism turns around on the objectifier. The individual continues to happily living their lives, while being themselves. As a result, negativity bounces right off of them.

For me, this is the point of spiritual utopia. To live my best life in an alignment of blissful joyful positivity and love. It will increase in frequency as more people learn to break free from oppressive thought-forms. I can now conform to my own standards and rules of living. I am in my "ownness" - state of belonging to oneself.