Fall Fever Is Here - In The Spiritual World


Now it is officially fall and the trees are doing their thing. Leaves changing colors while dropping off, acorns and pine cones falling to the ground, early autumn blossoms forming, sap leaking all over and other feats from this amazing living organism. The plants are making their necessary adjustments to ready for the next season which is winter. You have to prepare for any changes that occur. Fall fever is here. Not just in our dimension but in the spiritual world.

Spirituality we are adjusting to the ever changing energies and frequencies were are experiencing. Lately there has been strange vibrations that we have been noticing happening. Even those who are not spiritually inclined have been feeling a strange presence around them. There have been talks of solar flares, earthquakes, hurricanes, other weather anomalies gearing up. Mother Earth is preparing her next cycle. And if we mere humans don't prepare ourselves internally, we will be caught off guard. Everyone, get your intuition in sync with your inner being! We are about to embark on a wild ride of epic proportions!

Our race of beings think with all this technology and past historical records, we can predict anything. Its very arrogant because we refuse to use the one tool all of us have: wisdom. It is from within and not from any electronic device, computer, timeline, graph or mathematical equation. Meditation will become our path to the knowing. We will learn to live in the present. As we fine tune these abilities, our third eye will become activated. Our energy centers will react. Our being within will be our guide to higher forms of knowledge. Maybe we can use telepathy for communication, telekinesis for assistance, astral projection for travel. It all sounds wonderful. Just a new form of living to acclimate towards.

I aim to become this new way of life. I want it so badly. I have just touched its surface from meditation. I have used guided meditation to reach this part of my existence. I am still working on it. I did not even have to do a fast to achieve a connection with this powerful ability. It feels wonderful because you remove all of the depression, sadness, loneliness, tension, anxiety, negative emotions. Instead you are filled with love. A different kind of love. Not the kind you are use to, or assume to be the feeling of love. This love can handle sorrow in a way no medication, treatment or therapy can. Even if you are being disrespected right in your face, this love is strong enough to overcome reacting to this hostility. I have since been trying to achieve this beautiful feeling again. Meditation was the only way I can reach this feeling. I can also connect to other higher entities. The angels, fifth dimensional beings, upper tier spiritual realms that are only for your greater good. From various near death experiences I have heard, you encounter some of them. And of course you get to feel the power of Source. I wish it was always like this on Earth.

The daily friction we deal with on this planet diminishes our connection. You have to conduct daily spiritual maintenance by meditating first thing in the morning. It is very disheartening that the lower energies that rule this planet and our people can decrease our feeling from Source. I try to have as little contact with people as possible. My last living situation was perfect because it allowed me this luxury of having the ability to build up my own spiritual presence. Unfortunately due to a change in my living circumstances, I lost it. Due to the constant battering from a relative who emotionally manipulated me to take care of them. It took its toll on me and another love one and we are fighting the battle of negativity. I have made plans for this loved one and myself to escape, so to speak, from this torment. During my stay, I tried meditation, prayer, even giving offerings at an altar and nothing can penetrate the darkness this person is consumed in. So we must leave. It is their choice alone to be absorbed in whatever problems they caused themselves.

Grounding myself in nature was the only escape from this individual. I observed how nature reacts to its environment all the while maintaining its attachment to the powers of the Universe. It is amazing because nature has endured so much at human hands. This shows the power of love more than any experience I ever went through. I will remind myself during times of adversity, to look to nature as a reminder that love is around us and will always exist. We just have to seek it. The fall season is constantly letting us know that Source is here, so get that spirituality in check to capture that moment of existence.