Level Up with Spirituality


When you embark on a spiritual journey, you discover so many new aspects of your being. You realize that you are more than the human vessel your soul is occupying. That your mind and body are really not who you are. Its just a temporary place of occupation. Earth is really a planet we are living on till our death when we ascend to our true home. All of these findings are part of our spiritual trip to enlightenment. You can see it as different levels. The first level is what we have been taught or lead to believe by influence. When we came into this world, we still had a connection to Source that was pure and untainted. As we age, that connection becomes diminished and forgotten. Our family, school, religion, and visual media paints a picture for us that we are told to follow. Conformity to virtual reality is a requirement to exist on this planet. Even though individuality can be encouraged, it is always up to some kind of threshold before you are rejected by mankind. This limitations prevent us from further exploring our true identity as a energy being.

When you start to seek something more to your current existence, you yearn to acquire more knowledge. It begins with a question of your true purpose in life. Why am I here? How did I even get here? What main accomplishments am I suppose to do to become whole? Grasping the concept that there is more to you than the illusion you have been dealing with, you in turn search for these answers. The desire to research beyond the so-called norm becomes a new calling. And so begins the quest to spirituality, to learn the realness of your being. This alone has activated the ascension to a new level of you.

The best analogy to spirituality seems to be the easiest to grasp: the structure of a video game. Though this paradigm has been played numerous times, it represents a modern concept the majority can understand. The first level is mainly based on ego driven desires. You become consumed by your mind and body. Thoughts dictate your will by guiding you on emotions and feelings. The body, linked to your mind, reacts according to your thoughts. Led on sensations generated when you interact in the third dimension, you ignore the inner voice of your higher self. Once in a while, you may become aware of something that is unexplainable. Since our connection to Source never severs, we still have the capability to experience the beyond. It has no known origin we can think of so its dismiss as a health issue, imagination or the paranormal. Depending on the individual, there are those who will question the world they have been absorbed in. Congratulations if you are that person. You have taken the step to the next level of evolution.

This has been my learning experience. I had seen and experienced supernatural occurrences of other realms. I had to look beyond religion to inquire more about what this was. Spirituality made it all make sense without invoking the usual responses of fright. What was unexplainable became plain as day. That we are light beings and death is just a transition back to Source. That the Higher Power consists of love. That our purpose on Earth is to create by living in the present. I am still in the process of learning but I can affirm that stagnation is not an option. I do not desire to remain on one level during my time on Earth. My goal is to reach my desires. To live my life. The spiritual journey of leveling up.