Receiving Downloads From The Spiritual Realm


The more you venture into your spiritual journey, the closer you are connected to Source Energy. Meditation becomes more routine which strengthens the attachment to the Divine. You gain more inspiration from an unseen force whom's presence you can detect. Though your human form remains engaged with the external world, your inner being becomes more dominant. Intuition and wisdom is achieved internally and you can navigate with ease in and out of different realms. As your vibrance and light increases, you come into the knowing of the true meaning of I AM. That is when you will experience spiritual downloads.

We all experience spiritual downloads time and time again. The frequency and intensity of these downloads become more active the more you immerse yourself in spirituality. Even if you are not aware of the spiritual realm, you still receive these transmissions. Its that strange ringing in your ear. Its that urgent voice that is heard yet you cannot quite pinpoint the source of this sound. You might even worry if you are developing tinnitus or some mental health condition. Naturally if it's annoying to a point of being a hindrance, you should seek medical help. But experiencing this from time to time is natural. You are being reminded that you are a spiritual being living in the illusion on planet Earth.

Think of yourself as a computer system. When you born, you are a brand new model. You are capable of performing at top peak because your storage on your hard drive is empty. There are no cookies in your browser history. You have not saved any data yet. So you are operating smoothly. As you continue to exist, you start to absorb more information. This eventually bogs down your system. Your function starts to slow in speed as your hard drive accumulates all kinds of files. Your RAM becomes overwhelmed. Your internal mechanism increases in temperature as it works harder to achieve the desired output. Well this can be compared to your life. As you get older, your experiences influence your own being. You become consumed more with the outer environment and more disconnected to the internal source. Due to free will, you make choices based more on ego rather than from the Divine connection. You base your decisions on your emotions and feelings. These reactions are biased with various prejudices and judgements from past experiences. Somewhere along the mix, you might feel lost from true self. You seek temporary gratification, some which may form into addictions or other negative draining activities. You lose your identity. You eventually feel outdated and obsolete. It can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Your computer system in need of some kind of update. These downloads are the upgrades the spiritual realms sends out. It is for your greater good and comes from a place of love.

Spirituality is the update for the entire system. Not just the software but the hardware as well. You begin to gain a semblance of your former self. You feel less pessimistic as your positivity increases. Your path clears of all the obstacles and hindrances that once blocked your way. You feel lighter. You are no longer trapped in the false world you were born into. As a result, you appreciate yourself even more. You experience higher feelings that come from within. Love, happiness, bliss are more powerful. The outcome has you living your best life effortlessly. It is wonderful.

As you gain in the knowing, your attachment to the Divine becomes stronger. The Higher Power, angels, spirit guides, ancestors start to play a more prominent role in your life. Without realizing, you start having conversations with the unseen realm. And they respond in turn. They have always been in your life but by acknowledging their existence, your communication is complete.

The ringing will be joyful to receive. You anticipate it with excitement like that phone call you know comes with good news. Now as you learn to communicate with the unseen realm of love and light, you interpret these messages with ease. This advantage of experiencing the higher realm in physical form is the total achievement. Your initial contact is confirmation of the tremendous blessings you shall receive from Source. You start to identify and explore gifts you previously were not aware of. Remote viewing, astral projection, telepathy, even telekinesis are some of the talents you are capable of. This is why meditation is so strongly pushed in spirituality. It allows you to remove yourself from the trappings of the mind, to clear the obstruction from your true being. Fear and limitations become a thing of the past. Enlightenment is achieved. So embrace those downloads so you can live the best life possible.