Don't Overthink Manifesting - In Fact Don't Think It At All


People are learning more and more about manifesting their desires and goals. It is a satisfying experience when you see what you want materialize in front of your very own eyes. You feel elated, relieved, happy and even enthusiastic that your life is going the way you want it. You can now be content.

It's nice to sail through life without any hiccups happening. I have had periods where everything is going well. Then suddenly some stress and problems from the outside appear without warning. I did not manifest this crap. Why did it come into my world? Am I being punished or tested? What gives?

One of the first rules of manifestation I learned the hard way. At no point should I try to control the outside world. I discovered the only way to deal with these negative experiences is to focus within. Despite the fact others might have caused my adversity, looking at others as the problem or solution is not what I should be doing. I found out it is only about me. I am the one who needs to ask myself what I need to fix in myself. I realized that I might have been carrying the past in my mindset rather than living in the now. The same comes with worrying about the future. Also I cannot resolve my issues with my mind. Because I was unaware I was manifesting the good and bad, I would 'think' it was all bad luck. Rather than shift my focus inwards to change the circumstances, I would use ego to rationalize it.

Another factor of manifestation I found out about was seeking confirmation from the outside. It never worked out for me. Instead I was left devastated. Significant things in my life take inner transformation. I will make it a lifestyle to integrate this in my life rather than wasting time begging for external validation.

Manifestation is basically having a persistent deep inner-conviction or knowing to make things manifest. It does not discriminate if it's wanted or unwanted. What you focus on will happen. All the affirmations, visualizations to keep the desires on constant show is not going to make it appear until you know it will happen and let it go for the Universe to work out. Then you will see it materialize.