Working With Nature in Spirituality


Nature is one of our gateways back to the Divine realm. It operates around mankind and without human approval. It learns and adapts to changes that have been caused by man's quest for a modern lifestyle. Nature has also suffered tremendously due to human destruction, poisoning, intrusiveness. Yet it still functions while maintaining its connection to Source.

Man is the one who has lost the way to the Creative Energy. Losing one's alignment and getting lost in the third density reality is a sad state. In order to reconnect to the Higher Power it is important to involve nature to achieve this goal. Grounding is one of the methods to do this. Walk on nature with bare feet whether in a park, forest or on the beach. Hug and tree and tell it how much you love its existence. Even taking a walk on a tree lined path helps one. Those are a few ways to use nature to get in touch with your inner being so you can become together with this energy.

There is other ways to form this attachment. You can build an outdoor altar. Using just a candle and a container filled with water, you can give these offerings to whomever you want to invoke. Or you don't have to provide any name or identity, but just light your candle, give water and talk into the unseen realm of the spiritual dimension. You can bring food to the altar and set it down as another offering along with incense, alcoholic drink of choice, and other items you feel are desired. Whatever resonates in your heart, provide it at the altar. Even though these items are in our reality, they represent recognition you are giving, You will see that will be returned to you in many blessings.

Another way to use nature is to use a bird's feather. You can speak your intentions into it and it will carry into the air into the ether of being. You can also leave offerings to the trees, who are rooted in Gaia. All of this will return to you in spectacular ways.

Nature will even step in with those offerings you provided. Especially food, the insects such as ants, birds, rodents and other animals will consume these items. They then carry that energy with them. Since they are in tune with the Higher Power, they form another connection that works in your favor. Your gratitude will be carried away and continue to spread amongst the wildlife or plant life. The circle of life will work this out and you will be the catalyst for it to have happened.

So next time you pour libation to your ancestors, or provide a meal you prepared especially for the offering, you are transferring a part of yourself. Nature will respond by linking with you and you will have that joining with that energy.