Is Mental Manipulation Part of Spirituality?


When you embrace new experiences in your spiritual journey, you will discover how the Universe operates. It is perceived in a different aspect from say religion. The basis of religion is that human beings are under a God or Deity. We must worship and serve under this being and show our devotion in order to receive blessings. In spirituality, God is already within us. All we need to do is tap into this connection to receive blessings.

From the cosmologies of Hinduism, Taoism and Buddhism these interpretations on how the universe operates is similar to quantum mechanics. Buddhism delves into suffering or the illusion of fixity that can only cause problems. Instead we must recognize transitioning dynamic aspects of life instead of clinging and grasping. This is nature's eternal flow and change.

In quantum physics, the creation or destruction of particles also happens for no reason. They will appear then retreat on reasons beyond cause and effect. Hinduism refers to this field of potentiality from which all things emerge, mainly the endless process of creation and elimination of matter. In Buddhism there is a living void that gives birth to everything physical even in its emptiness. And in Taoism, there is a vacant formless nature of the universe which is the basic substance of creation.

As beings in a body, humans are part of the system that is the fabric of creation. Besides physical birth of another human, people can create using thoughts. Their thoughts are magnified by energy (emotions) and action (initiation). This spark can be a physical act, but more than likely it will birth based on good solid faith. We give it attention by thinking of it, believing without a doubt it will appear, and then being grateful for its emergence in our life. This is really the basis of creation in spirituality. To know that you can rely on this unseen system to work behind the scenes is akin to placing an order at a restaurant and 'knowing' it will appear.

Faith is the strong keyword. In spirituality, you have faith in the unseen. And you know you are a spiritual being connected to the source of this unseen presence. When you pray, it's of a different technique. You do not get on your knees and mumble a scripture. You invoke emotion and from the heart put out what you are seeking or needing. You can also invoke visualization, so that you see the outcome without thinking of the steps leading towards it.

In spirituality, there is no malicious intent on your desires. You are not seeking to harm or hurt yourself or anyone else. You want to come in a loving matter even though you are mentally manipulating this energetic system. It works out best when you apply positive energies, even though we can also manifest the negativity as well. This is all a learning process in which you must learn the exchange in order to reach the goals you set out to achieve.