Seeing Eyes All Over The Place


As I continue with my spiritual journey, I have noticed that I have begun seeing eyes all over the place. In clouds, the sky, trees, on a rock, etc... No matter where I turn, a sight of an eye comes back to me. I was wondering if I was going mad so I started taking pictures and video footage of these occurrences. Some would show up. Sometimes other images would show up with the eyes. What does this all mean?

In spirituality you gain insight and knowledge about your reality and life on planet Earth. You begin to feel energies and detect certain frequencies that you might have never noticed before. The typical earthly distractions become unimportant or annoying to you. You develop a new interest in spiritual realms, other dimensions of thought and connecting from within. Now that you are tapping into this unexplored area, you are acquainting yourself to the true reason for living. Life and its meaning becomes more apparent. Your focus is on improving that bond.

The unconscious plays a role in this ascension of uplifting yourself out of the false reality you use to live in. You learn how to attach to it for manifestation. Then you realize your unconscious leads you to your desires. This realization of how life really works allows you to further explore other areas of being. Because this is all new you sometimes over utilize the unconscious. Meditation, visualization, living in your desired world while maneuvering around the physical one, you have tapped into your spiritual self. In the physical, your pineal gland is responding. In the metaphysical, your chakras are spinning. You are slowly becoming detached from the environment of the third density and ascending towards the fourth. You will see and detect sights, sounds, smells even sensations that have never been noticed much before. Seeing eyes all around you is one of the signs you are reaching enlightenment.

These eyes, which are discussed in alchemy, is called oculi piscium, permeate existence. Carl Jung explained this in his theoretical essay "On The Nature of the Psyche". He said multiple luminosities, the scintillae or images of light shining in the darkness, turn into multiple eyes like fish eyes (oculi piscium). This represents a major transition from the discovery of lights shining in the darkness of the unconscious to the discovery of eyes looking at you from the darkness. The presence of eyes indicates that the light residing in the unconscious has a subject. This image, according to Carl Jung "The eyes indicate that the lapis is in the process of evolution and grows from these ubiquitous eyes". This also has been interpreted as one being under the scrutiny of the unconscious (if the Self has been constellated and is looking at you).*

This psychological explanation of eyes is not consistent with what I observed. True these eyes normally have no eyelids, but I have taking images (pictures and videos) of eyes and other forms in the sky. And yes sometimes these eyes consist of eyelids (thin and heavy). I have seen these eyes open, close and move. I even recorded this phenomenon. I have shown these videos to other people and they can see this as well.

When I meditate and question the presence of the eyes in the clouds or in other objects, I am told it's a reminder that we stay connected to the Source, God. We are a part of this energy and our attachment never waivers on planet Earth. Human beings are light beings in vessels moving about living life. It all gives meaning to contributing to the expansion of the Universe. No matter what decisions we make, we are creating new energies, hopefully of a positive nature. Earthlings have a role to play, and the eyes are a reminder of where we truly came from.

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