Dealing With Spiritual Pollution


Most of us that live on this planet really desire a pleasant existence. Hassle, obstacles, hindrances, limitations, frustrations and stress are topics we prefer to leave behind. Human beings are suppose to live their life in love and bliss. Instead we get side-tracked with situations and experiences that are not wanted. Sometimes, we are dealing with circumstances where we have no control over and are stuck in. This can deplete our energies. It is disappointing and we lose faith. All of our hard work towards reaching a desired goal gets halted and we realize we are not in control of our lives as we have been falsely led to believe.

This scenario is spiritual pollution. Depression, anxiety, anger, hatred fear, bitterness and other negative emotions take over. You no longer can find any solutions to morally remove yourself from this. Sometimes drug use, alcoholism, and other addictive methods are used to distract one from this life. These become the crutch to keep one up. It is a false doctrine as a problem solver to rely on. When it takes over in a bad way, we either continually to fall deeper into the spiral or you look for ways to escape its grip.

I cannot give an answer that will be able to help everyone. It is so personal how an individual can uplift themselves from this torment of unhappiness. Spirituality is about going to Source, within, for guidance. It is hard to do when you never where taught how to do this. Religion has been used to help people find a help. You seek out a higher power or entity to heal and lead you away to wonderfulness. Initially it does have this effect due to its newness of not having to rely on oneself but God to pull you up. After a while though, you are still left either wanting more or finding a way to fill that hole that is still exposed. Why is that?

Instead of seeking outside oneself, we must look within. To connect to the inner being to remove the garbage that keeps you from feeling fulfilled. You can include spirituality with religion as a combined force to get to that plateau. Religion's doctrine can be strict, but you follow what resonates best for you. Meditation, fasting, prayer and speaking to the unseen realm can get you to the precipice of truth that you have been seeking. It will display the truth of why you are alive and why negativity keeps entering your life. It will show you how to shield yourself from bad influences, and to gain the ideal lifestyle you would love to have. And best of all, you will feel bliss, happiness and joy to the point that lower vibes will bounce off of you. We come into this world with an outlook of curiosity and connectedness to the spiritual realm. The remembrance weakens as you get older. To restore that you must work on developing a strong regimen of any or all of the following:

Removing oneself from their current reality and seeing it from an outside perspective. Practice meditation by controlled breathing techniques and disconnecting from intruding thoughts. Learning to control emotions so as to not to react by giving your precious energies away. Allowing oneself to feel negative emotions that are passing through instead of suppressing them. Seeing obstacles and hindrances as learning experiences and not as bad luck or a curse. Develop self love by focusing on the fact you are a being of light living a human experience. Activating your chakras by developing your own personal pattern of breathing.

If you can find more ways of getting in touch with your inner core you would benefit from removing those harmful spiritual elements and living a life of amazing experiences.