Lower Energy Costs Using Spirituality


Hello fellow human beings. It appears improvements in technology are at a stall. Old means of energy productions through the use of fossil fuels, gas, coal are causing vast frustration. The cost of gas at the pumps are rising. This affects the price of everything else to increase. Produce is suffering. Truckers are facing difficulties. The population is feeling the strain on their wallets. These added expenses are causing folks livelihoods to diminish. But stress and fear are increasing. Depression has become rampant. Will this eventually come to an end?

True that the human race are resilient beings. But they also account for their own destruction and turmoil. Gaia has abundant supplies for everyone yet there is still hunger, starvation, homelessness, poverty and illness. Greed has changed the dynamic on how people and this planet function. It forms hostility, anger, bitterness, resentment, problems that would not exist if we were all living in love. Unfortunately this is not the case. History has proven that suffering is a requirement in the human existence. It will never change as long as man is still active on Earth.

So what is the solution? Easy to say. Just apply love and light. There is a small amount of individuals who have made an effort to send out positivity. Usually during meditation and visualization, manifesting good outcomes to make the world a better place. A large collective is required to do this in order for the manifestation to work. Too bad the majority are consumed in material needs only. So how can everyone experience joy and bliss. Ascending to a higher dimension of living would enable us to change our mindset towards the positive. This will provide a different mode of thinking which will lead to amazing discoveries.

For example, we rely on material resources in our current reality to provide our needs. Using a heightened mindset based on positivity we could figure out a way to convert existing materials. This new breakthrough would provide means of free and reliable energy, transportation, medical needs and agriculture. Out-of-the-box thinking has allowed advancements in technology. Then corruption added expenses to obtain this . A applying spirituality and excluding self-serving interests would benefit the entire planet. An added benefit, our "knowing" would increase. Spirituality is a must in order to obain this goal. Instead of trying to achieve "world dominance", allow uplifting energies to give everyone favorable results. When this happens, the human race can finally live in the presence of love. Discard the lower energies to experience enlightenment. Then we can finally make progress and obtain the bliss we have all been really striving for.