How To Get In The Flow State


There are moments in your life where everything seems to go very well. Then something happens and suddenly your day is ruined. I can go about my day and someone can trigger me out of the blue. I may be feeling good, making smooth progress and somebody does something to elicit a reaction that changes the course of what was going well. As an empath, I am very sensitive to other's vibrations and can detect what mood an individual is in without even knowing them. I had to learn to shield myself from the influence of their energies. But sometimes they seem to want to spread the negativity in any way they can.

So now I try vigorously to shield myself from others. I am consciously putting my reflective shields on, asking the angels to provide me with an invisible barrier of protection, purposely avoiding people and situations I have had bad experiences with in the past. Still it does not fully prevent downsides from happening.

See I must maintain my flow. And in order to do so, I cannot let these hiccups push me in direction. What's a good method or technique to prevent disruptive circumstances? How do I remain unperturbed while I go about my day?

The next best thing is to learn how to change my reaction. See I have to learn to choose new thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, so I can shift out of my old mindset and evolve into one that is newer and better. So when I change how I react, I learn to let it go since it is not that important. I want to move into new aspects, new versions of myself. What better way to do this.

Another is to flow through my day as an observer. Instead of watching from first perspective, watch my life from a third person viewpoint. That way I can watch these old ways of being and learning how to adjust my response accordingly. That way instead of labeling these experiences as bad and feeling sad that I am constantly going through similar situations, I should recognize I am flowing and must glide in a different way.

So basically I have to remember to surrender to the flow state. Remind myself to observe this situation from an outside perspective, then take a different approach in how I react to this experience. And then I will see these changes will occur and new life will take place. Enjoy the ride!