The Black DragonFly


I have been going a very frustrating, stressful time. I felt like giving up because all of my efforts were not making any headway. Something was standing in my way (I was very much aware of what this obstacle was and I could not remove it). After the obstacle cleared and I gave my gratitudes and acknowledged my blessings something happened...

A black dragonfly appeared. I have never seen one this color. At first I thought it was a black butterfly (which I have never seen). Then upon closer inspection I seen it was a dragonfly. I took pictures and recorded it flying here and there. It posed for me and allowed me to take close-ups. I was very excited by this.

I then went indoors and looked up the meaning of a black dragonfly. This kind of insect represents spiritual enlightenment as well as bliss, joy and strength from within. I was happy by this. Then I read a dragonfly is a sign to make a wish upon its appearance. When you do, this wish will come true. How correct this is.

The one thing I have been fighting to resolve for months finally resolved itself. One of my manifestations actually appeared on my doorstep in the form of a FedEx envelope. After this my other manifestations started to come through. I am still shocked into disbelief by this. That little black dragonfly was the harbinger of my desires coming to life. What an amazing outcome!

I was so enchanted by this occurrence I made a video about it titled "The Black Dragonfly" . I will still continue to say my gratitudes, prayers and other rituals to give acknowledgment for my blessings. As I continue to learn how to improve on my spiritual path I hope to share these experiences to help others out. Namaste.