Animal Spirituality


Due to modern technology, human beings have lost some connection with spirituality. There are religions that based on certain principles as a way for humans to seek a relationship with a higher power. This can be reached internally by allowing your inner being to come through. But because of impressions that have been put in place by society, most humans have difficulty getting in touch with their true self. This mindset can dominate, preventing ascension to the next level of attainment.

For humans affected by this influence, one of the best methods to get in touch with the Higher Power is to immerse in nature. You can experience the system of origin outside of the modern world. By allowing oneself to hear, breathe, touch, smell and see true presence, you come in contact with true form of existence. This energy that swirls around you is from love, Source, and it is with us always. We become distracted, surrounded by an illusion that pushes us further away.

Animals, whether domesticated or wild, never lose their contact with the Higher Power. Though we observe their oddities as "instinct" it is actually that they are plugged into this energy source. Our pets know the weather and give signs of what is about to happen. For example watch a cat clean itself. If it cleans behind its ears, that means precipitation whether rain or snow, will be here upon us. Also dog, cats, birds have notified their human owners when an earthquake or other natural disaster is about to strike. Animals are very perceptive because they are tuned into Source.

Another example of animals having abilities beyond our understanding is how they communicate. Since they can sense the unseen, they are aware when someone is ill, not well, sad, in pain, about to suffer from labor or a seizure. Animals are normally obedient, loyal, loving and affectionate. They display behavior due to their knowing. When an animal misbehaves, whether due to trauma or illness, it communicates its distress to let one know what is happening. We humans might interpret it as hostility, anger, aggression or just acting odd. Other than a disease such as rabies, the animal is reacting to vibrations we do not notice.

Animals and spirituality go hand in hand because the animal spirit is pure as they are constantly aware of Source. Animals deal with death head on by succumbing to their end without fear. They will even go somewhere to die alone. Where the animal spirit goes is anyone's guess, but they are accepting of their fate. Also animals are able to see, hear and interact with the spiritual world. Humans capability lessens from birth except those that are gifted with stronger inclinations of sight. Ego is not as dominate in the animal kingdom so their "knowing" will always be stronger.

Animal spirituality is a topic I will look into further. This study might give more insight into finding the true path towards the Higher Power. What we can learn from the animals can be a teaching moment to Source.