Earth a Prison Planet? How To Escape


"You don't get away when you are erected on the planet of the throne".

These were the last words a female voice said last from a dream I had. It was a complicated dream but the ending involved superpower beings explaining the powers of one of their members. He travels at such speed that even though he does not wear make-up his face bears scars that formed markings that are now a part of his identity. Maybe my brother, who is into fantasy, was talking while I was asleep and this crept through. Still its pretty profound when you think about it.

Us humans are told we are wonderful and capable of so much. But from my experience living on this planet sometimes I beg to differ. Though we have proof of technology, artwork and other avenues of creativity and innovation, we are still limited in scope to our potential. Its really because we are not always coming from a good place. I am not trying to sound negative but end up pursuing the monetary gain. So their intention may seem at first helpful and amazing. Then it turns into a greed fest for an idea that was beneficial and now a burden. Not just art but technological advances have become a means to funnel in more money from people who admire and use these products of creativity. It eventually loses its luster as more start to stray away from it after its achieved its main goal.

But it's more than what we are capable of. We are told we can manifest using the power of our mind and thoughts to create our reality. I know this is true and have life experience to prove this. But sometimes our world is shaped by events and people out of our control. Spirituality always says to focus on yourself. But from the outside influence comes damaging and negativity polarity. You get sidewinded because you did not expect to deal with the bad news that came out of nowhere. See you did not manifest what had happened. Now you have to deal with the consequences. They call this contract, obstacles and hindrances. Like a test to determine how you will react and turn the negative into a positive. For me this is energy draining as I have to deal with this for other people who are not able to. My own life suffers trying to deal with another person's

situation but it's a sacrifice I will gladly do since they are unable to do it themselves.

And of course living on this planet we witness all the suffering, injustice, hostility, negativity, greed, etc... It appears there are no consequences to these actions. The people continue to get away with inflicting trauma, pain, anxiety and other occurrences without any punishment (on Earth). In fact they seem to get rewarded for it by living a good life while others live an unpleasant experience as a result of this. I have lost faith numerous times watching a certain sector of people receiving constant blessings, rewards and abundance while others no matter how hard they try fail usually not because of anything they did but from external presence. It's exhausting and depleting and I have no more energy to deal with this world at times.

Next we are told that when we die we are punished in the afterlife. Some religions imply this is the case. I really don't believe it is so. I have heard near death experiences or NDEs say they experience a revisit of their entire life. The good and the bad. Then they go towards Source and experience actual love from all souls. Some even say they see souls that have inflicted lasting turmoil right there, basking in the same love.So it seems that the concept of hell is a big lie. Maybe hell is really Earth. Then you hear about reincarnation. Makes you wonder if Earth is really a prison planet. Certain souls are trapped here to constantly relive an existence on this planet. Supposedly suicides will have a tortured soul come back to Earth. We are suppose to fulfill our plan or destiny to properly ascend towards a better lifeform. Or go back home. I personally never felt Earth was my true home. I could not feel comfortable here and conform with the rest of these humans. I know my true home is not this planet. But I fear I have been trapped in this prison forever for some reason I cannot remember. I would love to know the truth and by meditation and channeling I hope to find it soon. Until then, I will try to live the best life possible, embrace positivity and maintain faith that elevation will occur.