There is No Good or Bad in Spiritual World


I use to have this belief that something was either good or bad. For example you purchase something, you are doing good. If you steal, you are bad. You were suppose to live a life based on morals, knowing right from wrong and staying clear of the latter. I would wonder why people would still knowingly steal, lie, cheat, etc... Sometimes they would get caught. Other times they got away with it. Once exposed, they might face condemnation or a warning. Some repercussion might surface eventually.

In spirituality we are told that there is no good or bad. It depends on human perception which is extremely flawed. For example when you observe nature you see survival of the fittest. Animals have a hierarchy that is established between the predators and the prey. It is known amongst wildlife to flee or fight when in danger. Killing is an act of survival for some animals in order to eat or protect. This all occurs regardless of human interference. Nature knows its true course and that is what keeps it thriving. There is no right or wrong.

Humans are all about control and using false doctrine to establish their dominance on this planet. As a result the lines of right or wrong have been blurred. For example war. During the past wars, there is a good side and a bad side. The majority is cheering on the so-called good side or what has been considered the "morally correct" side. The bad side eventually gets defeated. War, in itself, allows fighting, death and destruction all in the name of protection. Protection from what? Self-interests from the higher powers under the guise of fighting the bad side? It's really a messed up concept. War is not the answer but because humans have strayed so far from their true self in order to rule and live in this world that using the power of love is not in the cards so to speak. It is all about dominance, control over something or someone. Applying force seems to be the only way humans can get something done. Love is not even in the equation.

That is just one example. Also religion is another factor that sets rules for how humans should behave. It states what is the right or wrong way to live our lives. But sometimes the lines get blurred or there is a contradiction that causes one to question if they acting correctly. Humans seem to need a leader, dominant figure or set order of guidelines to tell them what to do.

Well the recipe for living is really simple. Instead of worrying about right from wrong just live your life accordingly. Wait, you ask. What about if you intentionally kill or hurt someone or something just to do it. No I would not suggest to do that. If you are protecting yourself or your loved ones and that happens to occur maybe its legit? Here is the formula. Live your life in love. All the complications about good and bad will sort themselves out more in your favor of good. Why? Because in love you are not looking to harm or cause harm to others. You are about embracing humankind. All its nuances, quirks and travesties. You know that good and bad must coexist in this world. Learning to maneuver through it by using bad to see the good will always bring you good.

So as long as you are in alignment, listen to your intuition, stay in the present moment, be in the know (that your needs will always be provided by the Universe) and have that constant connection with love (Source, creator, God, etc...) you should be able to flow through life without resistance. This alls sounds find and dandy but its not 3D reality. Actually it is. Oh and another thing, do not live in the past. Let it go. Forgive yourself and others. Also use your imagination several times a day to conjure a life without struggles and suffering. And don't be led by the ego.

Yep that should do it. Except life will keep sending obstacles (or what is perceived as negativity) in your direction. Just turn those obstacles around into something positive and the good will erase the bad.