What Earth Day Means in Spirituality


What Earth Day Means in Spirituality Earth Day occurs every year in April. This annual event brings people together from across the planet to meet and discuss views on policies and practices which impact the environment. Though this is important celebration of our planet, once a year is not adequate to further preserve nature, wildlife and the general health to sustain life on planet Earth.

When one is on a spiritual journey it is crucial to get in touch with the energies of the outdoors. Grounding involves walking barefoot on grass, sand, any ground that is not manmade and is in connection with Gaia. Hiking in a forest setting allows us to communicate with the vibrations and frequencies of a higher presence. It allows us to become at one with a source that we sometimes lose touch with in our modern settings. Every tree, plant, leaf, bush, flower, weed, vine operates on tandem with the Universe. Even the birds, insects, deer, possums, wolfs that have not been domesticated and rely on the Earth for their survival and needs. Humans feel they do not need to rely on archaic system that use to sustain our ancestors. The ego led mind of earthlings see their existence as superior. So instead of looking at ways to coexist with an organic entity, humans prefer to create their own version of living amongst an unnatural setting. Concrete, plastic, harmful chemicals make up our homes, transportation, workplaces even places of worship. We are deceived to believe that this comfortable way of life is better for us. Little do most know we have moved farther away from our true selves. We are a former version of who we really are suppose to be.

So how to return to this basic need most of us are missing out on. A lot of people seek out religion and worship to find what it is they are missing out on. Most end up feeling satisfied but it is fleeting and does not stick with their inner core. In some religions you are suppose to pray and read up on books written thousands of years ago to find your answer. But what if you have been seeking has been within you all this time? That you only need to silence the mind and find that true path to enlightenment. This is hard for many to fathom because we are told in this illusion that the further from nature you are the more evolved you become as a human being.

This is not true. In honor of Earth Day make it a plan to observe nature. Even for a few minutes go to a setting that has plants, birds, bugs, anything not created by man. Watch how things function. You will notice insects being insects, birds being birds, etc...You will then grasp that there is an unseen force that provides their function. Each will behave according to their purpose in life. Bugs chew on plants, birds eat bugs, plants live on providing flowers, fruits, vegetables, sources of nutrients. The plant itself can be a eaten as well. Flowers release pollen which are carried off by bees who take it, eat it and vomit it out as honey. Humans consume this along with other gifts from plants. Some people also eat birds such as quail, duck, hens, etc...See how the circle of life plays out. Without the original creations existing, how would we even continue to live? But more importantly you need to make that connection from inner being so you can become aware of your true role in being born on Earth. Attaching yourself to nature is one of the most easiest ways for us to remember why us light beings were sent here.

Unfortunately due to arrogance of mankind, this system of the Universe must be protected and constantly monitored so it does not become extinct. When we combine spirituality into the environment, it makes a powerful impact to keep the organization of God intact. Earth Day is a reminder of this necessity even if it happens only once a year. Go out and enjoy your time with nature. Get some grounding done!