Spiritual Bubblemap - My Tool for Water Reading


I have found water reading to be one of the best methods of channeling messages. I love water. I am comfortable with its presence. Though I have received lots of information from smoke reading, its more difficult to decipher at times plus the presence of smoke creates an alert system from others around you. They smell smoke, think there is a huge fire, and next thing you know pandemonium happens. At least where I am. So I use water instead.

I have started using an unusual style of water reading that came into my head one day. Out of nowhere, I felt inspired to draw out this bubble map. It was for spiritual ascension. I made the main topic the center bubble, and then came up with outlier bubbles containing other ways to reach ascension. I placed this bubble map on a surface. I got a clear glass baking pan to place on top of it. Then I filled it with water. I spoke a prayer over the water. Next I used some ping pong balls I had found (my cat use to play with them). When I wanted to find out how to reach ascension, I would drop a ball in the water and watch it float over to the outlier bubble.

This method gave me insight and further knowledge in how I am to pursue my spiritual journey. It might not be understandable at first. I might have to get more clarity into other ways I can use this method to gain further insight. I have tried using other spiritual bubble maps to determine what are ways we can elevate, strengthen, communicate or receive from Source and the spiritual realm. It's a visual technique to find out more answers to so many questions on what is really going on around us that we might not be aware of in our human world.

I am still learning as I go in my spiritual journey. I want to share whatever knowledge I accumulate along the way with others. I think we can all benefit from discovering new information even if it does not resonate with everyone. What works for me may not work well with others. In the meantime, I will continue searching for techniques of communicating with the Universe.

Also I had created some bubble maps. I have them on sale (like the one below) for anyone interested in water reading. You can always make your own bubble map if you would like to create your own water reading version. We are all in this together. Love and light everyone!