Creating a Spiritual Flow Chart


As I am progressing further into my spiritual journey I am making many new discoveries. Life use to confuse me. I did not understand why certain outcomes materialized. Understanding how the Universe functions is a learning experience. I am slowly absorbing why things turn out the way they do.

Whether bad or good, there are really no coincidence. When something happens there is a reason it was suppose to occur. Like for example, I have started a novel where the setting takes place in a prison. I am not familiar with the type of prison I am portraying in the writing so I based it on a minimal security facility. While I was searching for something else online, I accidentally typed a word. Upon hitting enter, I realized my error but this mistake led me to an article and video on a maximum security prison. It not only discussed the layout but it applied to a specific prison I know of. I had been trying to find out information on this prison. But due to it high security status, it was hard to retrieve this information. I don't know anyone who works in this prison. Now that I found this article (which was titled in a way not to be searchable by the prison name) I can use this as research material for my book. BTW, this book is based on spiritual knowledge I have acquired by accident (or what I thought was unintentional on my part). This newfound data inspired me to look into spirituality and the rest goes on.

One day I was reviewing in my mind how my day went. It started off good, then went full blown horrible. I was trying to understand why my situation would change from pleasant to becoming downright messy. Was it something I did wrong? Is this karma getting back at me? I then realized the outcome that resulted from this event was something that was beneficial in the end. See I was only looking at the bad part of this. Not the good. I then got out my pen and hastily drew my day's outline. Next to each activity I then drew a symbol that represented an emotion. For example the first thing I did that morning was meditation. Next to it I marked a happy face. Then I drew an arrow to the next activity of the day and I also drew a happy face. I continued on towards the disaster I encountered and I drew a sad face. I had just created a flow chart of sorts. Suddenly I was able to see why certain circumstances come into our lives. It is always to guide us in a direction that is beneficial for us spiritual beings to grow, develop and learn. This made me realize how much of my reality I create and how much the spiritual realm is guiding me. Its all the proof I need right here on a drawn out diagram.

I created a video on this flow chart and how individuals can use it to see things from a distance. Meaning without ego getting in the way of thought form, we can view our life events from external of mind and body.

Here is the video on this spiritual flow chart .

What is cool about this method is that you can design your flow chart any way you want. You can make it vertical. I drew mine horizontal. I also added arrows and used different colors. I included a key color indicator that corresponds to the mood or emotion I am trying to portray from what I experienced at that time. It might be easier to just draw different emotes. I put this flow chart in my spiritual journal but you can jot it down in a diary or even a planner. However you feel most comfortable. Unleash your expression in any way shape or form. It is creative and cathartic. And remember to have fun during your spiritual journey.