Use Feelings, Not Words, To Manifest Desires


Everyone has a desire and a dream. You want something or someone in your life. There is something missing that you are seeking. It might seem like an unattainable fantasy because the more you long for it, the farther away it gets. Or it seems within touch but as soon as you reach for it, it moves further or out of sight. What happened? Why can't I reach my goal? What am I lacking or doing wrong? Why does this happen to me? Others seem to fall into success of their choice without any problems. How come?

First of all there is nothing wrong with you. Unless you are deliberately hurting others, causing problems in other's life or creating malicious actions against others, you should have your path cleared for manifesting positive blessings. You can manifest the negative regardless if you want it or not. You are putting your focus and energy towards these thoughts. When you pine for something, deep inside you may believe you do not deserve this gift. See the reason this happens is the emotion you placed behind your manifestation. You have to believe in yourself, know you are within your right to have what you want. Nothing can stop you or get in the way. Your path is free and clear. Manifestation requires self confidence in your abilities and talents. That you are an immortal spiritual. Inside the human body you were born into, you are a ball of energy. You should be living a life of love, joy and bliss. Happiness is your right! You are suppose to live your life to the fullest and enjoy your time on this planet.

There are several manifestation techniques that are used to achieve abundance, prosperity and contentment. You can write it out, journaling your wants, say positive affirmations daily, create a vision board. All of these methods are to help you channel your emotions, focus your energy effortlessly while changing your thoughts, actions all while removing the limiting belief-patterns. But the key to getting your manifestation in motion is to put feeling into it. The vitality placed behind the words, writing, visual displays will make it work. We have unconsciously manifested events, results without realizing it. As creative, innovative beings, we are capable of this power we hold within. It might seem hard to direct this natural born talent, but with honing and skill you can do this.

One way I do this is to imagine the end result including the feelings and emotions of relief, joy, spontaneous glory. It does not have to take long maybe a few seconds the most. And boom! You just manifested what you want. You can do this multiple times and once in a while or only one time. The more intense your feel the faster and quicker you will have your desires. It is amazing and I wish i known about this when I was younger because as a child, you are closer to the Divine in connection. As a young person you have not lived your life long enough on this planet to become corrupt or influenced by its presence. Unfortunately this changes your perception of how life words while altering our reality in this illusion. Once we become aware and knowing, we have to unlearn all the lies and misrepresentation we were taught to tap into Source.

Neville Goddard, Florence Shovel Shinn, Wayne Dwyer, Abraham Hicks, Bob Proctor and others have explained the process. You can find information on their teachings which will allow you to further explore how to properly manifest and reach success. Remember as a being living a human existence, use your life to get what you want. Pursue it and things will follow into place till it materializes. The journey is real. Enjoy the ride!