How To Shield Yourself From Harm


Growing up in an inner city environment, I had to learn how to shield myself from people. There were such instances as provide eye contact, avoid eye contact, walk with a purpose, walk fast, walk slow, look occupied, act like you ignore your surroundings, use tunnel vision, keep to yourself and so forth. It was a defense I had to learn on my own. It helped me to move around without being bothered, harassed, jumped, attacked. When I was on the subway train it was beneficial to appear you were nodding off or you fell asleep. You never know who will decide to go off around you. Who wants to deal with that? I know I didn't.

Over the years, depending on where I lived, I had to learn how to behave in certain situations. I was a person who never fit in with other humans, so I preferred to not speak to others. I received no benefit from someone hating on me just because of the way I look, or how I spoke or even how I breathe. People seemed bothered by others who are different than them and find ways to cast judgement, criticism and even anger towards another. The only time I felt I could be myself was when I was alone or with animals. Humans on the other hand just did not fit well in my life.

As I got older, I thought I had a handle on this tactic. But it seems human behavior has worsen. In general, I do not trust anything that stands on two legs. I have been verbally assaulted from unprovoked attacks for no reason other than just being there. I use to fight back, curse someone out, but with age it just took up too much emotion and energy from my being. I'd rather use my vitality for something productive than brawling with someone else. I could continue to distance myself from other people but it seemed like they went out of their way to come after me. I was not the only one to go through this. I witnessed other people become targets of anger, hatred and blatant hostility. It is troubling because it seems to be getting worse.

Spirituality has helped me cope with this nuisance of disturbed occurrences. It does not entirely prevent it from happening, but the frequency and level of negative attraction has diminished. Also I notice as I continue to practice these methods, I have had people become tongue tied when trying to unleash their toxicity or even confused mid rant. It is astonishing and I will continue to employ these methods.

First, I usually start the day after oil pulling, meditating. Just doing breathe work and quieting my mind has helped tremendously. Next right before I step out of the safety and comfort of my abode, I say a quick prayer: the Universe has my back. I am never alone. After this prayer I utter another one which is where I have experienced the most help: Angels provide a shield of protection to keep my safe and unbothered.

After my two prayers (which I sometimes have to repeat continuously thanks to dealing with anxiety, stress and PTSD) I will imagine I have a mirror or shield surrounding me. The reflective side is facing the opposite direction and it is sending back white light. This shield I imagine reflects back low energies and negativity. It has worked! I once had an unstable man coming towards my direction. I put up my shield and repeatedly said my prayers. This person who looked very mad looked at me then walked on by and lashed out at an object behind me (poor tree). I had my hand on my pepper spray because I know he was itching to unleash on someone or something. I did not want to tangle with him because I would have ended up hurting him badly (I can defend myself well).

So there you go. Honestly people always advise say a prayer towards those who try to harm you. Yes I have tried that method and it has backfired on me numerous times. In fact, the people became more aggravated and furious so it has the opposite affect for some reason. I think the angels and Higher Power are strong enough to combat this more than we are aware of. I will keep employing this technique to shield myself from harm.