How To Keep Your Vibe High


2022 has started out with all kinds of hindrances. I have been trying to manifest this year as a time of joy and bliss. So far it has been challenging. Lightworkers will certainly have their hands full with spreading positivity to uplift the frequencies. It has been exhausting and energy draining. I try to inject good vibes in my life and reflect it outward by meditating and calling on assistance from the angelic realm and Source. I sometimes feel my efforts are futile and no changes are occurring. But I will continue to try my best.

In my own personal life I am dealing with demands and obstacles as well. My friends and family are also having their own difficulties. There are external influences that are creating an energy drain on the population with their actions and enforcement. I try not to think about that because that is beyond my control. I can only create my reality and so far my needs are met. I sometimes forget to be thankful for my blessings. Offering gratitude is very helpful in reaching the goal of ascension.

I have to remember to transmute what I consider my hindrances into newfound strength and a higher more hopeful perspective. I have to repeat my positive affirmations and manifest an environment of love. Here is an example of an affirmation and prayer I will say daily before starting my day:

I now release all beliefs conscious or unconscious to me made in this or any lifetime that in any way keeps me from expressing my frequencies and exploring trueness of my soul gifts.

I release conscious and unconscious beliefs now from the mind and energetically system.

This way I can project high vibrations and use my energy to enlighten and help others. I also need to remember that when I get distracted by low frequency influences to get grounded to recharge my vitality. How I do this I usually go to a quiet place when indoors. I actually reach better results doing this out in nature away from other human beings. Being around animals helps me with healing as well. I will breathe in deeply, hold then expel slowly. This relaxes me and allows me to connect within to the Higher Power. I can then hear (not with my ears but my heart) what I need for guidance, wisdom and reassurance. This is my therapy and it helps keep my vibes high. Because with all that is going on, humans are going to need all the assistance they can obtain. Remember Spirit uses the foolish things in the world to confound the wise. No matter what happens we will prevail. Ascension will happen.