How To Quicken Your Manifestations When All Else Fails!


It has been a year. I have been trying in vain to desire and manifest a new vehicle. I had gone online, checked out the vehicle I desired. I stared long and hard at the interior and exterior images. I imagined myself inside the car. I could smell the new car scent and taste the excitement of riding in my new vehicle. I can picture a scenario where me and my brother have just gone through a drive-thru at Starbucks and Dutch Bros for some lattes, shakes and coffee. We are leaving the drive-thru and having a conversation where my brother mentions how much he loves this car.

Everywhere I go I see the car that I want. My next goal is to visit the dealership so I can actually sit in the car. Truthfully I want to experience the feeling in my third world reality. Hopefully this will get the gears moving and I will one day reach my goal of purchasing this car.

Feeling is the secret but it is more than having a desire and want. It has to come deep within and not be a superficial spur of the moment emotion that you are forcing yourself to generate. Our energy centers must be in sync at the right time to produce this manifestation. It sounds so complicated but that might be because I made it so. Really the process if very simple.

I look back at what I have manifested recently. Over the years I would wonder why things I did not want would happen or what I wanted did not occur. I then came to the conclusion it was a feeling deep within that transpired at that moment the thought entered my mind. Like a sudden trigger. And I did not let it linger long. It came and went all on its own. And that is when my manifestation started to materialize.

The workings of the Universe is very complex and intricate. What I was taught was in order to get what you want, you had to work long and hard at it. Yes some type of action must be applied, but it is more than that. In fact I've manifested when I did not even make any effort other than thinking than feeling at the same moment. Then boom! It happened.

Another way I noticed my manifestation forming was when I lashed out in frustration. I would cry and scream in anger to the Universe that I am the creator. I refuse to wait. Then the next thing I would get what I desire. This temper tantrum was after I had applied all the higher vibration, positive energies, being in alignment guidelines which never seemed to work. In the end I was just met with disappointments. After I lashed out, then things would get started. Like an ignition to the make the engine turn on, this demanding intensity of emotion got the ball rolling. Florence Scovel Shinn called this "the breakdown before the breakthrough". Indeed it is.

I still try to apply uplifting mood when I am in the process of implementing my goals. Some followers of the law of attraction say you cannot input any negative feelings. I found out the hard way suppressing how you truly feel has the opposite affect. So if you must yell out to the Source to get things done, do so.

Love and light!