Remove Negativity


There are many methods of removing what does not benefit you but you must do this on a regular basis. The reality is that the world we live in is very sick, dangerous, corrupt and dysfunctional. Though we might of higher spirit, other humans are not and can easily interfere with our enlightenment. Other variables can also cause havoc in our life. These happenings are out of our control. We can only master how we react to these matters. Instead of looking at a negative outcome, we can see how this applies to benefit rather than harm us. See you have to perform constant maintenance after the purging of hostile influences in order to re-establish harmony and balance.

Here are the steps I take to continue achieving a relative state of bliss and joy in my life. I am constantly working on this aspect so one day I can achieve ascension as a spiritual being. In the morning when I wake up I start meditation. This approach to starting my day by relaxing my mind helps me throughout the day. I sit on the floor (or sometimes I stand still) close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing. I focus on timing my inhalation. Then I hold for a set amount of time. I will time how long I exhale. I continue doing this, sometimes adjusting the timing as I feel my mind and body relax. Next I gather my thoughts. I place them in an imaginary frame then I put it on a bare wall. I step back and look at these thoughts. Because I detached myself from the ego, I can now let go of all the worries, fears, anxieties, anger I have experienced. It helps me to reflect that this life is really a short span. All that occurred happened and in the present moment I am not going through these problems. So now I can remove myself from this. Since the negative emotions are placed aside, I can now focus on love, joy and bliss. Sometimes I start to see myself as a form of energy moving throughout space with other forms of energy. There is no presence of what I experienced on earth. And it is an amazing feeling. I hold unto this moment knowing that is my true self. I carry this with me through out the day.

During the waking moment, I have to apply this level of conscious especially when facing trying times that are beyond my control. I also call on the angels constantly to form a shield of protection around me. Sending love through angels or in thought form towards other individuals who are not in a good state of mind is one way to adjust the environment around me. Sometimes it does not work so I must focus on protecting my energy. Another way to not absorb the external negativity is to imagine a mirror that is surrounding your being. It actually faces away from you and all the hostility will bounce back. You are not trying to inflict this on others. Just you need to keep yourself your positive energy towards yourself. This is not a form of selfishness but of staying in the present and letting go.

The world likes to pull us outward, taking us out of ourselves. This is just a way to step back from it and let it go so we can connect within us. The more in touch we become with our intuition and feelings, the less consumed we are by our thoughts. As an empath, I have to guard myself at all times. When I am not home, it is constant work especially around a crowd of people. Using this routine has become a ritual as I continue to focus on the present as I look to attach to my power from within.