The Power of Letting Go


Healing from past and current injuries is an ability we all contain. External wounds are most visible making it easier to tend to. Internal damage is the hardest to overcome because you cannot see what the ailment is. Then there is mental anguish, the worst kind of trauma. This kind is the most detrimental to human health as it an affect not only your mind but your body as well. Thoughts are very powerful and can cause good and bad outcomes.

In Spirituality, there are many practices that involve letting go of negativity and embracing uplifting emotions. The method is not to become attached to outcomes, living in the present, releasing the past, connecting to a higher power, not relying on the ego and practicing forgiveness. The step to relinquish what exists in the mind in the form of thoughts, interpretations, fixed beliefs, points of views, expectations of the future, attachment to possession, toxic relationships, judgements, grievances and assumptions about how things should or should not be. Releasing these blockages will open up the individual to freedom for self exploration. If you hold unto old hurts, slights, rejection it will be hard to achieve elevation of mind. When you overcome some of these things that is a huge accomplishment in itself.

There are ways of doing this mentally. Speak to the problem, person or situation with these following affirmations:

'We tried. We really tried but it did not work. Lets tear up the contract.'

'I forgive you.'

'I release you.'

'I let you go.'

'You go your way. I'll go mine.'

'We don't have to be connected anymore at all'

While you release the person, situation, feeling, emotion, do so imagining Divine Love joyously flowing into you. It is filling that recently vacated place. Then it is going towards the direction of what you are letting go of in order to sever its connection. You've got to mean it. You've got to believe it. And when you do, it has no more hold over you!

When you do this feel proud of your achievement. You have just reclaimed your power of letting go.