Spiritual Connection


Events that have been happening worldwide that have had an impact on a large amount of people. It is caused by an outside influence that seems to have a malicious agenda. The goals are not for the benefit of the population. Some kind of control or false sense of power has been prevailing for some time. But it has become even more noticeable these days mainly due to the internet. Even if you try to avoid this topic, its prevails in most platforms as a topic of interest. A large group has been commenting all over about the effects these catastrophes have caused in their own personal lives or those they know. It can have a demoralizing reaction which will setoff certain members of the population to act out in chaotic ways. This diminishes the society we live in generating agitation and other negative consequences.

The one's who are behind all of this never have to deal with the stirring of the pot that's slowly heating up. They are the one's holding the spoon and standing on the outside, while inside is the collection being pushed and swirled around all while absorbing all the heat from the fire that has formed underneath. The nefarious reasons to 'stir things up' is mainly for self purpose. They achieve to get something out of this dish and its source of nutrition are the mangled torn remnants of the population. It is so devious that such individuals, who have already achieved all sorts of success, find in their leisurely spare time to be this cunning towards others who are just here to live their lives. Maybe it's human nature to have power go to one's head but there is a way for the collective to counteract this unseen domination. This is through adopting a strong spiritual connection.

In the spiritual realm, there are other dimensions that exist that we cannot detect with our human senses. Some people are sensitive to other facets of reality. They either have a born trait to be more in tune to these frequencies or they develop a way to become more perceptive to these energies. Unfortunately if one is brought up in a certain faction of religion, it is heavily looked down on and discouraged to even have this ability. Told that you must not seek within for the answers but from an outside deity who controls everything that happens in your life. If you need additional information there is a book that contains all the wisdom you will ever need. I, myself, was brought up in a fanatic religious environment and it did me more harm than good. To live in a constant state of fear due to the dogma of sin was treacherous for me because I was a very sensitive impressionable individual. I have rid myself as best as I can from this attachment but it still has a hold on me in some ways. That being said, by embracing spirituality, I explored a freedom of self expression I could never have acquainted myself in the religion I was brought up on.

The faith I speak of (this is not a slight against all religions but just one) has had a stronghold requiring its followers to wear blinders. Discernment is not permitted which is an ability we all possess. You are suppose to 'pray' to a higher source to determine where you are to be led towards. You are not to find the answers out from yourself. So when you feel something is not right, if the doctrine says differently, you still have to proceed with it even if it does not resonate within you. Whenever I have gone against my own judgement, the results end up being my disadvantage. There is a reason we are born with faculties. Our innate power is to know thyself. All you need to do is provide an inquiry especially if you have a dilemma. Then quiet yourself and you will hear the answer. Maybe even see a vision of the solution. This is how you learn to trust you.

Spiritual connection is very important to have. Just visiting a building, singing hymns and reading scripture can provide a feeling of ritual. But to actually have that sensation of bliss, that is something you have to find in a different capacity. I have found it through meditation and observing nature. Just having that loving interaction with our pets can give us a glimpse into this feeling of pure unconditional love. It is not that we cannot share this experience with other people. But you have to be vibrating high to discover another individual who matches your frequency in order to have this common bond. That seems to be a hard task in this day and age of huge ego. This is why you have to form that relationship with yourself first.

It is important not to outwardly seek like-minded individuals. When the time comes, those people will present themselves to you. It has happened from a result of familiarity through trauma. Then there will be a togetherness of humans that will occur (Read: After the Fires, Native Hawaiians Seek Revival Through Ritual). I, myself working and living in downtown New York City, have witnessed it after 911. Unfortunately it was fleeting and temporary. Then the negative emotions seeped in (hostility, suspicion, blame, bigotry, anger, frustration to name a few).

I am on a learning journey to improve on my spiritual connection. Right now, I am doing this by myself. So far I have reaped benefits of loving myself for the first time. I am still working out kinks that present themselves here and there. I still go through dark knight of the soul moments. But its a purging I need in order to clear the path so I can feel that surge of love come through the silver lighted umbilical cord we all have to Source.