Self Healing Internally


I have been dealing with a condition for the past five years. It's been on and off. I think it developed as a result from stress and diet. It starts as swelling then it turns into discomfort. Next comes full blown pain. I have tolerated it because years ago I was under treatment for this infliction. It was suspected to be a stomach ulcer and I was suppose to have an endoscopy done. I was scheduled for one but then the the news announced a big issue regarding the equipment used in endoscopies, that they are not properly sanitized. So patients become ill or develop other medical issues after having this procedure done. This was not a small mention. It was all over the internet and covered by radio and television news. I am a very fragile individual and a germaphobe. I canceled my appointment upon hearing of this.

Using whatever information I could obtain, I researched natural methods to heal this affliction. Through these discoveries, I learned about the importance of fermented food. I found out about natto and rejuvelac. I explored ways in which plant-based, vegan eating heals gastro complications. Homemade broth an elixirs for nutritious repair of the human body became my friend. This data is easily found but unless you are not actively seeking it, it can remain elusive from the mainstream. These were not addictive fun foods that are promoted to the public. Yet these foods healed my condition to the point I felt I was 100% cleared of my ulcer. No more indigestion and my skin started to clear up and glow. The whites of my eyes were actually white. I was no longer puffy. The swelling disappeared. I was not out of breath. And I even lost a lot of weight.

Then my living situation changed where I no longer had full access to a kitchen. I was living out of my vehicle with my cat rather than renew a lease due to an insane increase in rent. My cat was such a trooper. She was happy to be with me all the time. I, on the other hand, fell into depression and hopelessness. I was still working full time but I wondered if I made the wrong decision not to pay high rent for safety and security. Being homeless by choice was very hard to do because I only experienced temporary situations like this like moving from place to place. In between those transitions I would stay in a hotel. This time, I opted to live in my SUV. I was grateful I even had this vehicle and very thankful for the company of my cat. Still it was a sad time because I could not longer eat the foods that made me feel better. The stress of being without a home on top of not eating correctly started to wear on me and my condition was slowly sneaking itself back in.

In order to counteract this, I had to find an alternative approach to healing. It was not just what I put into my body, but my overall energy. I had to change into a more positive mindset. That yes, I can get well again despite my current circumstances. I began by diverting streams of wellness and love towards my upper left side. I imagined this glowing flow of light reaching and restoring my organs to newness. Instead of dwelling on the negative of the problem, I sought out a bright source that would give me the cure I needed. I had to do this several times but it worked. In fact I felt better quicker this way rather than through my diet.

I used this method not only for my ulcer, but for toothaches and other ailments. I had a sore on my hairline that would not heal. I was putting black seed oil on it which would help temporarily but then it would return. I started the internal process of sending light and love towards it and it went away. It took some time, but the sore is now gone.

I am not opposed to seeing medical professionals when it comes to illness. For myself, I discovered diet and internal healing are just as potent as antibiotics and medication. Since it is natural, our bodies are more receptive. Using your internal being to work in conjunction with whole plant foods seems to be a synergy one can apply.