Food's Role in Spirituality


During my spiritual journey, I often wondered if what I consume internally affects the quality of my connection to source. I enjoy receiving the inputs of cosmic intelligence. It confirms I am still walking the path. But I noticed if I remove certain foods from my diet, my awareness of the infinite wisdom strengthens.

Removing added sugars from my diet, I noticed a difference in my overall well-being. I felt lighter as if I was floating. When I walked, it felt like my feet barely touched the ground. I lost weight, especially in my midsection. My stomach was flat with zero bulge. I was not doing anything differently in my physical routine. I just omitted sugars as best as possible. I also felt more detached from reality. Like I was seeing and experiencing everything from an outside perspective. It was kind of trippy. Unfortunately I relapsed off of that diet and besides gaining my weight back, I felt heaviness not only in my step but the energy around me.

I remember when I embarked on a full vegan lifestyle years ago. I was transitioning from paleo where I experienced amazing energy and wellness. The reason I tried vegan was that I enjoyed eating greens and other acceptable vegetables. I noticed how good I felt eating plant foods with or without animal products. I decided to ditch the meat and eggs and just focus on fruits and veggies. My palate not only changed, so did my grocery bill. It was cheaper to purchase these items, especially since I lived near one of the largest farmers market in my area.

Besides convenience and cost, I noticed a change in my movements. I felt a little disassociated with my body. It was like I was having an out of body experience while still having control of my structure. I was not involved in spirituality at this time. I attributed it to detoxing from animal products. I was not tired or having problems concentrating. I just felt so much lighter, like my density had decreased. I eventually embraced this overall feeling of lightness because with it I discovered things that use to bother me no longer had that affect. I could care less, I felt removed from the irritants. I was on cloud nine.

I maintained this feeling for some time much to the annoyance of my friends. They still consumed animal products and were bothered by my diet. When I went through a sudden lifestyle change, I ended up reverting back to my prior diet which subsisted on fast food. I acquiesced back to poultry, seafood, eggs and dairy for sustenance. The lovely feelings I had received on the vegan diet went away.

It was after I embarked on spirituality, did I make the connection. That food really has tremendous influence on us human beings. Our planet consists of heavy energies. The processed foods have been altered so heavily from their natural origin and our bodies cannot cope. Eating whole natural foods in its natural state is more beneficial to us, not only physically but mentally and spiritually. Sugar and fluoride are some of the biggest offenders to us beings because it seems to ensnare us with the most force. We become more shackled to the illusion, our densities compromised. I am not against anyone consuming animal products, but those poor cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys even the fish have been harmed by our comfortable and convenient manmade environment. Therefore they become altered as well. And by us consuming their flesh, secretions, eggs and other organic substances (like honey) we take in their unnatural conditions as well. It is a vicious cycle that has taken on toll on us sacred beings.

The best that we can do as Earthlings is to learn from trial and error. For now, I try to incorporate a healthy eating plan that is within the scope of my schedule and finances. Whether I am full vegan, plant based or consuming some form of animal item, I do my best to remove as much sugar and fluoride from my diet. I know even the water I drink is not perfect, but I make do with what I have access to. Same as when I try to stick with eating for nourishment. I do enjoy planning and preparing my meals. I aim to return my body back to that ethereal feeling but I probably have a lot more detoxing to go through. Until then, I will use discernment to guide me towards better eating habits.