Use Lunar Energy for Health and Wellness


Last night and tonight (August 2nd, 2023), we will see the beautiful super moon known as the Sturgeon moon. This moon was a sign for Indigenous populations to easily catch large fresh water fish from the Great Lakes. This same moon can be used in spirituality whether to give you a boost in vigor or assist in healing.

Seeing the moon in all its splendor is a reminder for Earthlings that we are a part of the Universe. Galactic sightings may seem far in distance, but we are all connected to this vast system. Though our home is Gaia, we are moving through space. And as we see the constant presence of the stars, planets, sun and moon above us, most of us yearn to have more of a relationship with these celestial bodies. Even though span is tremendous, we can still achieve a link without physically leaving Earth. Humans are still spiritual entities even if the worldly distractions have distanced us from our true identity.

When the moon appears, regardless if you are in a city of bright lights or out in the middle of no where, you can become one with its presence. This can be done during the day (sometimes you can catch sight of the moon) but at night, it's more prominent without the sun rays interfering with the process. And it only takes a minute or two to sync up to lunar energy. Look at the moon and speak to it. Verbally when you talk to the moon, use emotion and send out love. You can also use your mind to send it thoughts. Tell it how you appreciate its appearance and vastness. Thank it for how it has been an inspiration and influence. You can give examples such as its role in low and high tides, even in songwriting and poetry. If you are into werwolves, or other creatures known to howl at the moon, let it be known to the moon you are aware of its beauty as well. Now close your eyes to clear your mind a little of those busybody thoughts that occupy your energy the majority of the day. Instead, you will devote yourself to listening to the moon. Draw in this feeling of reciprocation from a lunar perspective. Allow it to fill your entire being.

You can use this moment to apply moon frequencies for therapeutic purposes. If you are feeling unwell mentally or physically, ask the moon to send healing vibrations your way. Permit it to engulf you inside and out. Become one with the moon. Allow it continue for as long as you desire. When you are done, tell the moon and send it gratitude for this transmission. You will feel refreshed and renewed after this interaction. You have nothing to lose plus it's free at no cost and only requires a portion of your spare time. If you are unable to do this tonight, there is a blue moon coming up on August 30th so you will not miss out.